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10.23.12 Bee-otch of the Day: those who oppose pornography

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In 2006, the City of Grand Rapids passed an ordinance banning nude dancing to the delight of those fighting pornography.

But thankfully, there's a church in the area that didn't have a problem bringing one of the most-notorious porn stars in history to town.

Daybreak Church in the mostly-conservative suburb of the Furniture Capitol brought in Ron Jeremy last Sunday as part of a series of debates on the issue of sexuality. Jeremy is currently on tour with Craig Gross, the founder of XXXChurch.com, a website devoted to helping people ween off porn addiction.

Despite appearing in over 2,500 adult movies, Jeremy showed the congregation of hundreds that porn stars are just as human as you and me. He even told the crowd that he felt that God created pornography to give consenting adults a view into the lives of what other consenting adults do. Jeremy even showed off his other talents as a classical pianist and showed off his harmonica skills as well.

Some scuffed over Jeremy showing up in a church of all places, but some are happy that Jeremy - who was raised Jewish - is seeing God more often in his life. Many are even applauding Daybreak for allowing an active porn star to show up at the church; most churches that usually have porn stars appear at the pulpit are those retired from the industry who have rebuked their past.

I wanted to come to Daybreak last Sunday to see the Jeremy/Gross debate, but I was too busy attending my normal church, St. Matt's (1). From all accounts, the people loved Ron Jeremy for showing a light on a group of people who had been shunned for sinning in front of a camera for all to see. But in a world where your pastor lives in a house bigger than yours and drives a Lexus, plus has an extramarital affair or two, sorry, but according to God's rules, we're all sinners just like the porn stars that the Religious Right have shunned for years. I too, applaud Daybreak for showing the world that Ron Jeremy is human like us all, and I think most churches should do the same. I know this sounds absurd, but God loves porn. There, I've said it.

I do kinda hope that with Jeremy's appearance at Daybreak that it will make people change their minds in the way they see those in the adult entertainment industry. I feel sad for the exotic dancer in Grand Rapids who might come home broke because nobody wanted to tip her because by law, one mm of ariola would result in a $300 fine. God created the human body for us adults to enjoy, and it's sad that a bunch of Republicans who think their shit don't stink are too stupid to realize this.

Ron Jeremy: one of us.
(1) St. Mattress of the Holy Springs. Hey, I worked 56 hours last week....


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