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10.24.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Romney supporters

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Nearly 35 years ago, the rock singer known as Meat Loaf once sang "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad".

But for President Obama, that one might be detrimental to his political career.

Monday night, the president soundly defeated Willard Romney in that night's presidential debate. Many had felt that the president's debating skills improved over the past two debates, especially after the first debate that proved disastrous, especially to his poll numbers. At this moment, this country is split between the two almost 50/50.

Some analysts think that if there's anything that will kill Obama's chances of being re-elected, it will be the first debate. But yes, it's also that stupid fact that there's more funding to get Obama out of office than re-elected. Bear in mind that Obama's 2008 campaign was funded by Goldman Sachs and other screwballs responsible for the country's economic collapse that damn near destroyed America. Now, he's on his own while Romney has the support of big businesses and yes, those pesky Koch Brothers.

Even Michael Moore believes that if Obama wins this year's election, it will be a miracle. In a recent article he wrote, he claims that in history, the candidate that outspent the other candidate usually won. Plus, Obama didn't even win the white vote in 2008.

Basically put, there's still a big reason why Obama just might not survive the election: racism. Just after his win, the Tea Party's popularity irrupted, causing the House to be overtaken with goons designed to fight the president's policies because these assholes wanted we Americans to think that all of our tax dollars were going into the pockets of black people in Detroit. Many of Romney's supporters are unabashedly racist; some like to tie chairs to trees and even some churches are posting signs that read "vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim".

Ummmm, aren't we over THAT, already? You know, the lies that Obama's a Muslim born in Kenya? Yeah, that. There's enough evidence that none of that crap's true, so why are his opposition still fighting those claims? A simple answer: these assholes hate black people, plain and simple. They don't like seeing their tax bucks go to Bridge Cards, but don't seem to have much opinion when that same money enters the coffers of the wealthy.

I know, there's that old saying "are you better off now than four years ago?" Sadly, for me, the answer's no. My bills have gone up, but my pay hasn't. But, that's because we, like all of us Americans had to live eight long years of Bush's lies. The right cries about how Obama wasted billions on failed green energy companies like Solyndra, yet Bush wasted even more on Iraq, Afghanistan and big oil. Unemployment's skyrocketed, but it's coming back down again. Even with a lame duck House, Obama and the Senate can prove that slowly but surely, all of us can do our part. Oh, and yeah, I know, gas is still over $3 per gallon. Gee, maybe it's because of dorks and their giant SUVs, plus, oh, the fact that we're borrowing from China instead of taxing the rich, they're all driving cars for the first time ever, and that's jerking up the price. Remember, it took way more than four years for FDR to fully fix this country from Hoover's BS, plus the fact that we fought WWII.

Look. Obama has what Mittens don't: intelligence. We cannot afford four more years of Republican lies that have damn near killed this country. We should listen to history and not Fox News Channel for the truth. Even if Obama's more of a centralist instead of a true progressive, he's still eons better than any right-winged retard that will use Dubya's policies to further wreck this country instead of fixing it.

Remember, GM's still alive and Osama's dead.

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