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10.17.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Galesburg-Augusta Schools

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Name: Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Age: 61Occupation: public school system
Last Seen: near Kalamazoo, MI
ed For: putting their children in front of a monster to save money---

As the son of a man who drove a school bus for 23 years in northern Michigan, this story is near and dear to my heart.

The Galesburg-Augusta Community School district in Kalamazoo County, MI is under fire after a cell phone cam video appeared on YouTube showing a bus supervisor slamming a seven-year-old boy against the window inside a bus. According to the boy's parents, he suffered multiple bruises and was taken out of school. Because of the outrage caused by the video, parents are now asking for the school's superintendent, Tim Vagts to step down.

Last year, most of the district's bus drivers resigned after Vagts decided to outsource the school's busing to a company from Ohio, Auxillo Services. The company's president, Ed Dollin was in Galesburg Monday during a school board meeting where the community expressed their outrage stemming from the incident. Dollin did promise the district that they will do a better job screening their employees and making children safer. Auxillo is a company that's less than a year old.

The woman who slammed the seven-year-old, Heidi Mullin has had a long history of misbehaving around children. She previously worked for the nearby Portage School district where she had multiple infractions, such as screaming to children "shut up" many times and expressing a negative attitude. She had been suspended several times without pay over the years.

Dollin and Vagts will be at another meeting this Thursday.

Look, you cannot put a price on a child's safety. I'll betcha that Auxillo hired Mullin because she worked for cheap. You buy cheap and you get cheap in the end. Shame on the Galesburg-Augusta school district for deciding to save a few bucks by replacing local folks with assholes who probably were like Mullin and canned from other schools for treating children like garbage. If my kids were on a bus whose driver treated them like shit all the time, I would drive them myself or complain to the district about that driver.

I know that it's not nice to hit a lady, but since she's a total cunt, we oughta slam Ms. Mullin into a bunch of bus windows.

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