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10.18.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Mitt Romney

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Name: Willard Romney
Age: 65Occupation: president wannabe
Last Seen: ??
ed For: getting owned

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

Obama brought his A-game to the second debate. In the end, Mittens lost.

In Tuesday night's debate, President Obama and Willard turned the debate into a heated discussion that almost seemed to want to turn into an episode of The Jerry Springer Show at times, but in the end, it was the President who came out on top when it came to discussing his policies and how they worked while Mittens was all girls in a binder.

The debate was a total contrast from the one two weeks prior where Obama lost to Romney, with his critics wondering where his TelePrompTer was. Some felt that it was plain and simple, Obama was just over-pressured. Tuesday night, he came back reinvigorated and attacked Romney for just about everything.

Now, the question is, will Obama's good performance, plus the decent showing from Joe Biden from last week's debate help his poll numbers. Some polls showed Obama demoted to swing numbers in some states - Michigan included - with even a few polls showing Mittens with the lead. Of course, people should realize that Mittens' policies equal that of Dubya's and Reagan's, which lead us to the 2008 bailouts and economic collapse.

You know, folks, we'll be recovering from the Repukes' mistakes for a long, long time to come. Yeah, unemployment and gas prices have gone up in that time, but a lot of the blame goes to the House and the fact that instead of working with the president, they want to get rid of his healthcare plan and not create one single job. If we give Obama four more years, trust me, this country will be just like it was back when Clinton left office: in the black.

The Republicans: screwing this country over since 1980.

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