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4.10.14 Hero of the Day: the high school stabber (and there's a good reason why)

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Name: unknown
Age: 16
Occupation: students
Last Seen: Murrysville, PA
Awarded For: well, read on
First off, I think a certain TV weathergirl here in Grand Rapids should be proud for not being today's Bee-otch of the Day for dumping me from her Facebook account over my April Fools Day prank to her. Well, Miss Laura, you're lucky this time. But, karma is a bitch.

Secondly, some of you are probably wondering why I would call a stabber a hero. Like I said, read on.

Yesterday, a 16-year-old boy came into his high school in Murrysville, PA and started waving some knifes. He started stabbing fellow students and a security guard. A principal held him down while students evacuated the school when a brave soul activated a fire alarm. The boy was arrested while police investigate his motive in the stabbings.

Twenty people - 19 students and a security guard - were all stabbed with four seriously. The good news is that all of the boy's victims are expected to survive.

So, why is the stabber a hero? Simple: he didn't use a gun.

Just imagine if the boy opened fire on his classmates. There would be mass fatalities and it would be Columbine or Sandy Hook all over again. We would have Wayne LaPierre from the National Rifle Association going on all the Sunday morning talk shows crying his mantra that good people with guns kill bad people with guns and so forth. I Googled "National Knife Association" and found nothing.

But sadly, despite being a hero, he still has major issues. Rumor had it that he had a dispute with one of his classmates, which might have motivated the mass stabbing. Maybe he was bullied. True, bullying is not cool, but neither is wanting to kill your classmates over something that will pass some time down the road. I've had bad things happen to me in high school, but guess what? WHO CARES! I've grown up and it's all water under the bridge. One door closes, another one opens.

My advice to any student is this: if there's somebody bullying you, just walk away. Maybe they're bullying you because there's nothing positive happening in their lives. But if the pain ends up being physical, I would tell somebody. Bullying is not cool, period.

But like I said, there's something called "karma", too.

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