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4.9.14 Heroes of the Day: the students of Steven Barrows at Aquinas College

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Names: the students of Steven Barrows
Ages: 20s
Occupations: students
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Awarded For: giving us the best April Fools Day prank ever
Since the 19th century, April Fools Day has been that unofficial holiday that some totally forget about.

Just ask Steven Barrows, a microeconomics professor at Aquinas College, a small Catholic college in Grand Rapids.

Last Tuesday, Barrows was planning to present the class with an April Fools prank of his own: a pop quiz. But the tables were turned when one of his students, Taylor Nefcy's cell phone rang. One of Barrows' policies was that if your phone rings in class, you must have the phone on speaker for the whole class to hear. Ms. Nefty answered it and a man from the Pregnancy Resource Center answered. He told her that she was pregnant and that they would help her with free counseling since the baby daddy was no longer in the picture. Nefcy hung up and Barrows publicly apologized for making his entire class listen to a private phone call. Nefcy then said that it was OK and that the baby's first name would be "April" and the middle name would be "Fools".

A moment later, the class erupted in laughter and it finally his the professor. Secretly, he was being filmed on two different smartphones. Five days later, one of the students uploaded it to YouTube and within days, the video has been shown a whopping 16 million times.

However, Nefcy wasn't alone; several of her classmates were in it together on the prank. As a matter of fact, they have planned this weeks ahead and the plans were finalized as they were walking into Professor Barrows' classroom. Maybe now, Barrows will finally learn the true meaning of privacy because after all, God's listening, too.

Now, some of you are probably wondering, "Chuck, why no Bee-otches this week?" Well, my motherchuckers, I have one for tomorrow! Unless somebody can top this person, it will be a certain Hispanic weathergirl at a certain NBC affiliate in west Michigan whose name rhymes with "Whora" who doesn't get the concept of April Fools Day.

Stay tuned! ;)

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