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4.21.14 Hero of the Day: Francis "Frank" Moore

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Name: Francis "Frank" Moore
Age: was 92
Occupation: retired; former auto worker
Last Seen: Flint, MI
Awarded For: giving us one of the greatest freedom fighters of all time

Fifty years ago, Frank Moore would probably never have imagined that he'd be looked at as a hero.

He was an auto worker, just like his father who helped to create the United Auto Workers union and participated in the 1936 sit-down strike that helped to bring more rights to workers. Moore was also a devout Catholic and a proud husband to his wife Veronica. He was also a proud father who sent his son to Catholic school and eventually University of Michigan.

His son, of course, was Michael.

Frank appeared in one of Mike's movies - Capitalism: A Love Story - where he showed off the ruins of the AC Delco plant in Flint where he worked. While Francis and his father both worked hard to maintain high standards for GM employees and customers, it was Michael's generation and onward that saw a massive decline in the automobile industry thanks to corrupt CEOs and union-busting. It was the major reason why Michael made his acclaimed 1989 film Roger and Me.

Tragically, Flint and Detroit have seen a mass-exodus of people thanks to GM's downfall. Even Michael himself abandoned the city and ended up in northern Michigan where he helped to save an abandoned movie theatre and made it the flagship of the Traverse City Film Festival.

Just imagine what this world would be like without Michael Moore. I understand that people hate him and call him "Commie" and whatever untruthful statement the right can come up this week. But all truth be told, he's a fighter for America's middle class. Why? Because he feels that all Americans should have everything his father had: a good-paying job that supports families and not a bunch of lies that corporate America has created. Sadly, that dream is still dying thanks to the Republicans that only want to fight to bring back the horrific system of healthcare that plagued Americans for years instead of creating good, high-paying jobs. It's without a doubt that Michael Moore's #1 inspiration for his movies were his father in hopes that one day, people will have it like he did.

Frank Moore died on Easter Sunday at the age of 92. Michael passed on the sad news to his fans on Facebook, where he's gotten mass support from his fans. I had a lonely Easter since my parents live in other states and my family here in Grand Rapids all went to Detroit. But with his father's passing, Michael's Easter was even lonelier.

But unlike me, he knows that he has a lot of people who have his back. Behind every good man is a good father.


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