Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4.15.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Glenn Miller

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Name: Glenn Miller
Age: 73
Occupation: white supremacist
Last Seen: Kansas City, MO
Bee-otched For: getting in the mood to kill some Jews
On Sunday, tragedy struck the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park when a monster opened fire on several Jews.

Glenn Miller, aka Frazier Glenn Cross and a few other names has been charged with three counts of hate crime after three people of Jewish decent were killed in a shooting spree at a Jewish community center and a Village Shalom retirement home. Oddly enough, the three people who were killed were not Jews. They were all Christian, oddly enough.

Miller was seen at a nearby elementary school and was declared a suspect. During the shootings and as he was taken into custody, Miller was yelling, "Heil Hitler" multiple times.

Glenn Miller was a diehard member of the Ku Klux Klan for years but left the group to form his own, the White Patriot Party. Miller even ran for public office many times; he ran for Democratic governor of North Carolina in 1984, Republican senator for the same state in 1986, independent congressman for Missouri in 2006 (where he received 23 votes) and US senate for that same state in 2010. He was even noted for his campaign ads, which attacked blacks and Jews. 

Miller even made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show several years ago, talking about his senate run. In the interview, Miller called Adolf Hitler "the greatest man who ever walked the Earth" and claimed that history has censored the good things he did. He's talked about how Jews are destroying the Earth and that they're allowing the blacks to multiply even more.

Look, what Miller did was beyond idiotic. It's people like him who are making Christians look bad and using his hate to attack others just because the Jews killed Jesus. Point is, people are entitled to their opinion. But when you use murder to get your point across, it makes you look like an even worse whack job.

I hope this loser gets the death penalty. Period. Anybody who still supports Hitler 70 years later probably needs to get their head examined and away from everybody. What Glenn Miller did is not normal. A true Christian forgives the Jews for what they did and move on.

Wake up, it's 2014.

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