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4.7.14 Hero of the Day: David Letterman:

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Name: David Letterman
Age: 67
Occupation: late night funnyman
Last Seen: New York, NY
Awarded For: over 35 years of laughs
It's the end of an era that I knew would happen.

Last week, David Letterman announced that next year will be his final year hosting a late night TV show. It will be Letterman's final year on his contract with CBS, which he's been with since 1993. Prior to that, he was with NBC hosting a morning talk show in 1980 (The David Letterman Show) and moving to Late Night in 1982.

Letterman has been a late night host now longer than Johnny Carson, who hosted The Tonight Show for 30 years and retired at 67. Letterman will be 68 and have hosted late night shows for 33 years in 2015, not counting the times he subbed for Carson and hosted his morning show which only lasted 90 episodes.

As a young boy, I thought that Dave was the coolest late night host, period. I loved his Top Ten lists and his Letters from Viewers segments. To me, it was worth staying up royally late to see him, although my parents obliged. Things did improve when Dave moved to CBS in 1993 and started hosting Late Show.

Even though Letterman was behind Jay Leno a lot in the ratings, I preferred Letterman since he was funny and original. Leno's "Headlines" was really Letterman's "Small Town News", for example. However, I have noticed that Dave has slowed down a tad in recent years. As a matter of fact, I don't even remember when he last opened up the "CBS Mailbag".

But, it's time. Leno's gone and it's now Dave and the two Jimmys for the 11:35 spot. So, who's the next host of Late Show? Jon Stewart? Chelsea Handler? Craig Ferguson? Stephen Colbert?

All I know is this: they'll never fill Dave's shoes.


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