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4.24.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Terri Lynn Land

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Name: Terri Lynn Land
Age: 55
Occupation: former Secretary of State of Michigan
Last Seen: Byron Center, MI
Bee-otched For: being a cow who eats hamburger
The 2014 elections are heating up, especially here in Michigan.

One of the coveted seats is Carl Levin's senate seat, which he's held since 1979. Now that the 80-year-old Democrat is retiring, chances are that it will be a battle between former Republican Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land and Democratic congressman Gary Peters from the Detroit area. Already, the attack ads are all over Michigan television.

In her newest ad - seen above - Land is at a table asking why Peters claims that she's against women. For a few seconds, game show-style think music plays while she sips from a cup and looks at her watch. In the end of the 30-second ad, she proclaims, "I'm Terri Lynn Land, and I approve this message, because as a woman, I might know a little bit more about women than Gary Peters."

Really, Terri? Just because somebody has tits and a twat doesn't make them an expert on what it's like to be female. This broad supports eliminating the Affordable Care Act and deregulation that would only create low-paying and dangerous jobs for Michiganders. Women need both the ACA and good-paying jobs to get by. Hell, the ACA helps pay for things women need like mammograms and prevents them from losing their coverage over a pre-existing condition.

Remember those ads that featured that old lady from the Detroit area who claimed that the ACA caused her to lose her coverage, even though she found a better plan for less premiums? Remember who was responsible for them: Americans For Prosperity, or in other words, the Koch brothers. They want Ms. Land to win so they could keep running this state into the red, literally. It's also worth noting that like the Kochs, Land is Dutch and a member of the ultra-right-wing Christian Reformed Church.

IMHO, a woman who is a Republican is like a cow eating hamburger, or even worse, a black man wanting to join the KKK. The Repukes have been against women for years in terms of jobs and being independent. If Terri Lynn Land wins, she'll be nothing more than a female Uncle Tom to women.

But that's what we'll get from a woman who looks a little like John Denver.

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