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4.26.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Cliven Bundy

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Name: Cliven Bundy
Age: 67
Occupation: rancher
Last Seen: Clark County, NV
Bee-otched For: having a few cows

I guess it's time for me to put in my two cents on this issue.

For 20 years now, a cattle rancher from Nevada named Cliven Bundy has been fighting the US government over the fact that he's been using federal land to graze his cattle. Bundy claims that his family had been using that land for 140 years, but the feds had cut Bundy off due to the fact that the land has a rare species of turtle on there. Now, the government is seizing any of Bundy's cattle that enters their land

In recent weeks, many on the right such as Sean Hannity had defended Bundy for being anti-government and pro-business. But last week, their support dwindled when he made statements against blacks claiming that they're lazy and that they've never learned how to pick cotton. Now, Bundy is in bigger cow shit than ever.

Ranchers allowing their cattle to graze on public land is nothing new. Even King of the Hill tackled the topic in an episode when Peggy's family's farm is in danger of closing because of the fact that they could no longer graze their cows on land now owned by Henry "The Fonz" Winkler. The end result was that they found a new place to graze their cattle: the trendy business district.

Of course it's natural that Hannity and others withdrew their support of Bundy; his comments are extremely stupid and did nothing but make Mormons and conservatives look undesirable. Then again, they already are. I hope that the government takes all of his cattle away and that Bundy will be forced to retire.

Cliven and Donald Sterling should share a room.


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