Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4.22.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Dick Cheney

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Name: Dick Cheney
Age: 73
Occupation: ex-veep
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: coming to Grand Rapids
When I hear the words "Dick Cheney is coming to Grand Rapids", my head slams onto the table.

Sadly, the ex-vice president came to my hometown yesterday, speaking at the Ford Museum about his heart surgeries and how he was close to death at some points. Cheney was born with a bad heart and has had multiple heart attacks.

Funny, I didn't know the cocksucker even had a heart.

I love it how he wants people to feel bad about him since he technically ran the country for most of the 2000's. He told president BusHitler what to do, like invade this country and invade that country and so on. Thousands of US soldiers and innocent civilians died so Cheney and his billionaire buddies could profit from others' blood.

But let's face it: this is Grand Rapids. The Devoses are in bed with Cheney and Bush and all the rest and that's why they come here more than Obama and most Democrats. Even worse, the media here seems to join in the asskissing. When Sarah Palin came to town several months ago to pimp her new book, the media was on her failed ass. Yet, Neil DeGrasse Tyson - the astrophysicist whose Sunday night TV show Cosmos is one of Fox's highest-rated - didn't get much attention when he came to town the same day.

You see, this is why I hate Grand Rapids: too many right-winged assholes come to town only because of the fucking Hollanders who live here. Even more, I'm happy that people here hate it when a Repuke comes to down. Just read the comments on WOOD-TV's website.

Personally, I won't shed a tear if Cheney dies. This scrooge is wanted in other countries for war crimes and so is Bush. I hope as God as my witness that we never have another Republican as president as long as I live. It's time to move on and having Cheney come to town to talk about his heart - or lack there of - won't help.

Maybe he'll accidentally shoot himself for once while duck hunting.

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