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9.2.15 Bee-otch of the Day: "Huge" Bill Simonson

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Name: "Huge" Bill Simonson
Age: 53
Occupation: blowhard talk radio host
Last Seen: Ada, MI
Bee-otched For: wanting to be a quitter

There's many questions in life we all have to ponder:

*Is there a God?

*What is the Fountain of Youth?

*Bill Simonson is still on the air?

Well, the part about Huge is true, sadly. The Big Bloated Jock Talk wannabe is still on WBBL 107.3 here in Grand Rapids daily with his crappy little 2-bit talk show. Yes, Sean Baligan - as far as I know - is still kicking his ass on ESPN 96.1 in the ratings.

Recently, Jeff Moss of the website posted an article on Simo, and it explained that he was thisclose to leaving WBBL over the fact that former fellow talker Ryan Schuilling and a female employee no longer at the station both followed parody accounts such as @notthathugeshow on Twitter. He left a memo to the two stating that if they kept following that account and other "hate pages" he would resign from Cumulus immediately. He kept saying that he did not want a reply from either of them at all.

Fat Boy contends that the pages "abuse me, my show, my advertisers, and even my children" (bear in mind that his kids all have weird names such as Ace and Legend, whom he supposedly mentions on the air all the time like Kathie Lee Gifford did to Cody and Cassidy.

Since the memo was sent, Schuilling has since moved on to Lansing sports gabber 92.1 The Team, far, far away from that fat fuck.

You know, as somebody who has been blogging for 16 years now, I've learned that you can't please everybody. Just look at this thread from the Buzzboard. I used to post on there back in the day, but no longer because I could no longer tolerate the assholes bashing me and using their pathetic lives to ruin my good name. Recently, somebody decided to create the aforementioned thread and the idjits came out of the woodwork. Now, did I threaten legal action against the Buzzboard and its owner, Mark Worth? Nope. Did I even shoot him an email to close the thread? Same answer as the last question. I simply have realized that shit will no longer stink after a while.

Sadly, Huge needs to realize that his ratings suck and he hasn't been relevant to Grand Rapids radio in years. He's just a blowhard who sucks up to the Devoses and his former boss, Matt Hanlon. He simply needs to grow up and learn that he's a celebrity, whether he likes it or not. It's like if I saw a movie, thought it sucked and posted a review on Facebook only to get a C&D from the studio.

Don't like it? Go back to your house in Ada and crawl back into your shell.

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