Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9.9.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Cindy Gamrat

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Name: Cindy Gamrat
Age: 43
Occupation: state congressslut
Last Seen: Plainwell, MI
Bee-otched For: trying to get the world to forgive her

The Cindy Gamrat World Forgiveness Tour had another stop yesterday at the State Capital in Lansing yesterday.

In front of a House committee, she asked to be censured for misusing public funds to hide her affair with fellow state rep Todd Courser. Later in the day, she visited Grand Rapids NBC affiliate WOOD-TV to explain her decision. She claimed that it was very hard to talk about her situation in front of her fellow constituents and felt sorry for what she did to her husband and children. She told Brian Sterling "I think that there’s a lot of healing that needs to take place in my district".

Gamrat, a Republican from Plainwell has been under fire for her sex scandal with Courser, who used taxpayer money and his aides to cover it up by creating fake e-mails claiming that he was having sex with male prostitutes. Gamrat has also been under fire for wanting to ban funding for Planned Parenthood and often misbehaving in congressional meetings.

You know, if there's anybody that I feel bad for, it's her three children. You see, my mother cheated on my father multiple times while I was growing up and when I learned about what she did, I was hurt. There's a part of me that no longer looked at her as a role model, but in the end, she got what she deserved when her husband - the asshole whom she left my dad for - left her. I still have mixed emotions about my mother and what she did to me as a kid, but I have to realize that she's my mother and I have to move on.

As for Gamrat, I still hope that the people of her district can recall her ass. A woman with a low moral integrity does not deserve to even be a Republican, especially the volume of people who want her out. It's time to put this travesty to rest once and for all.

My mom only screwed me over. Just imagine a woman who screwed over three kids.
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