Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9.29.15 Hero of the Day: Pope Francis

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Name: Pope Francis
Age: 78
Occupation: holiest man on Earth
Last Seen: The Vatican
Awarded For: changing a corrupt man

It's amazing how one man could make this country a lot better.

And that man is none other than Pope Francis.

Last week, the Pontiff made a whirlwind trip through several cities, namely Washington, New York and Philadelphia. Everywhere he went, he was treated like a rock star with adoring fans lined up to catch even the smallest glimpse of the man who is closer to God than 9 out of 5 televangelists you see on TV.

Of course, the right was nice enough to blast him for his anti-capitalistic beliefs. But, he's a man of the Lord and knows how the wealthy have done a wonderful job of destroying the world. In one of the places he went, the Capital, his sense of wisdom shined brighter than the sun.

In a speech with Vice President Joe Biden and house speaker John Boehner standing behind him, the Pope talked about how capitalism was destroying the world and making the poor even poorer. Boehner was in tears virtually the whole time the Pope was speaking.

And then, a miracle happened. A day later, John Boehner announced that he was stepping down from speaker of the house and his final day as congressman would be on October 30. This coming from a man who countless times tried to kill Obamacare and took in hundreds of thousands of bucks in campaign money from big donors like AT&T and FirstEnergy, an Ohio utilities company.

I look at not just Boehner, but the whole Republican party and wonder if the Pope's words had an impact on them. I even pondered that question in church on Sunday when my pastor did away with his normal sermon and did a Q&A session. I wanted to ask him if he felt that the Pope had an impact on Boehner, but he never got to me, sadly. But, I did ask one of the church's members and he claimed that Boehner's personal Catholic faith played a role in him wanting to quit his post. I didn't blame him one bit.

My only wish regarding all this was that Francis was Pope during George W. Bush's term in office and that he would have come to America then. Imagine the Pope telling our idiot president that dragging thousands of troops into a fake war over oil was the most-sinful thing ever imaginable. It would have been cool seeing our troops come home instead of being blown to smithereens over lies.

True, Pope Francis ain't perfect. Yes, he cares about the poor and sick, but he also is anti-woman and anti-gay. I wouldn't be too surprised if in the years ahead, we will have a pope who will be a pure liberal. People need to open their eyes a little more and realize that the Bible doesn't say anything about abortion or being gay. So yes, the Pope is still a prude.

But hey, at least he knows about the camel going through the eye of the needle and healing the sick.
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