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9.3.15 Bee-otches of the Day: opponents of gay marriage

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It's a shame that the Supreme Court stood up and approved gay marriage for all 50 states, but some people choose to live in the dark ages.

Up in northern Michigan, there's a weekly alt-paper called the Northern Express. Last week, a woman named Colleen Smith from Cadillac wrote to the paper that she will never go to the State Theatre in Traverse City ever again because they recently held a gay wedding. The State is owned by the Traverse City Film Festival, which is run by Michael Moore and a group of community volunteers.

This week, the letters poured in. One reader told Smith to "stay in your bigot bunker and watch Netflix", another said that the State will survive without her, another (from Mancelona of all places) told her to lock herself in her home and close the drapes. In all, the NE published TEN letters bashing Ms. Smith and her homophobic views.

Of course, Smith should be happy to know that her hometown movie house, the Cadillac 5 is owned by Robert Goodrich, who is a staunch Democrat and is the proud owner of Grand Rapids' liberal talk radio station WPRR 1680/95.3 "Public Reality Radio". Many of WPRR's shows are LGBT-friendly, such as This Show is So Gay and This Way Out. Oh, yes, there's also the local Southpaws which airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10a-noon. I would love hearing Darren Gibson rip her old gay-hating ass to shreds.

I was considering giving Ms. Smith the BOTD for today, but she's now in a little club with another dumb cunt who thinks she's pleasing Jesus by hurting gays and that's Kim Davis, the county clerk of Rowan County, KY who is refusing to dish out any marriage licenses because of the high court's ruling on same-sex marriage. She claims that it's in large part to her religion, in which she's Pentecostal and attends church thrice weekly. However, the courts have all ruled that she must issue licenses and she's still refusing.

And sadly, she's a Democrat, or in better terms, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

You know, I have a job, just like most of you. Like most jobs, I have to do things I don't want to do because the project might be too complex or goes against my personal values. But guess what? I DO IT ANYWAY. If I don't do the job, my company don't get paid and I end up costing them money. I cost them money and I end up probably getting fired. I'll bet that Rowan County has lost a lot of money all because of Davis' personal convictions. SO FUCKING WHAT?!?! She's against gay marriage but yet she's been married four times and had two kids out of wedlock. Yet another skank who thinks that she could rub her idiotic views on to the rest of us.

Newsflash: JESUS LOVES GAY PEOPLE. WANT PROOF? CLICK HERE. Remember, The Bible has been used for years to do things that Jesus would never approve of, such as bashing women, blacks and especially gays. I think anybody who uses their lives to bash people based on their race, religion, sex, sexual preference and so forth needs a little talking to by the man himself.

Wake up.
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