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4.11.16 Bee-otches of the Day: Free Beer and Hot Wings and Eric Zane

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Names: Gregg Daniels, Chris Michaels and Eric Zane
Ages: ??
Occupations: radio personalities
Last Seen: Grand RapidsMI
Bee-otched For: creating a situation where neither them nor their listeners will win

I'll admit, this is turning into quite the soap opera.

Last week, the Grand Rapids radio community was shocked when it was announced that Eric Zane, formerly of the Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show on WGRD here in Grand Rapids and syndicated to stations nationwide had signed a deal to do mornings at WBBL 107.3. The move was indeed shocking since once upon a time, Zane and his co-horts made fun of WBBL and its moronic afternoon host, "Huge" Bill Simonson.

On Zane's first show on Thursday, he made it sound that when he was let go from WGRD, Daniels and Michaels did nothing to want to keep them there. Instead, they were treating his dismissal as business as usual. They pretended like he didn't exist but when the public knew, they were like "it's time to move on".

True, I'd like to think that Zane's the hero in all this, but remember whom he's working with now: Huge. With Cumulus now fighting with billions in debt, they think that WBBL's ratings will skyrocket with Zane and Huge all on one channel. Sadly, Zane is now on Huge's side and he's using him as his puppet so WBBL can remain competitive with ESPN 96.1 since they now have the Tigers while WBBL will be a borefest come Summer.

Oddly enough, today, Zane will have Joel Langlois, the owner of the Deltaplex on his show. It was speculated that because of Langlois that Zane was canned. I hope a lot will come out, but remember, Daniels and Michaels were going to talk about Zane on Friday, remember? Well, it never happened.

Folks, this is why I listen to Howard Stern instead. True, he's quiet on some issues *COUGHARTIELANGECOUGH*, but when he needs to talk about shit with his listeners, he'll address it. When Jackie Martling left the show, he talked about it. He didn't weasel around it like FB&HW did to Zane. True, when Robin Quivers was battling her cancer, she kept it private. Howard respected her although some fans were wondering why she wasn't in the studio for months (she did the show via ISDN). Otherwise, I felt that I was smart when Howard moved to Sirius in 2006. Instead of drinking the Free Beer and Hot Wings Kool-Aid, I simply jumped on the Sirius bandwagon.

I predict that in six months' time, 1) Free Beer and Hot Wings will no longer be #1 in the ratings and 2) Zane's presence will not help WBBL a whole lot. Remember, FB&HW work for WGRD - owned by Townsquare Media - and Huge's shit show is syndicated by Michigan Talk Network, which is owned by - you guessed it - Townsquare.

Thanks, but hearing Richard and Sal prank call Tradio is a trillion times better.


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