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4.13.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Rush Limbaugh

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Name: Rush Limbaugh
Age: 65
Occupation: pill popper
Last Seen: south Florida
Bee-otched Forgetting ready to face the music

2016 might not be a great year to be Rush Limbaugh.

The once-popular talk radio host's contract is expiring this year and it looks like his syndicator won't repeat the eight-year, $400 million contract that he's currently on.

The story is that in 2008, Rush signed that contract with Premiere Radio Networks, which is owned by Clear Channel. Since the ink dried, a lot has happened in Rush's life, including the fact that Clear Channel changed its name to iHeartMedia and in 2012, he lost a shitload of sponsors when he called woman's rights supporter Sandra Fluke a "slut". Since that doo-hickey happened, he did lose some key affiliates in Indianapolis and Boston.

Despite its name change, too, iHeartMedia is still riddled with a $20 billion debtload mostly caused by the company overpaying for radio stations shortly after the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed. Since it all happened, many radio stations like theirs lost value thanks to competition from satellite and internet radio. iHeart was trading at $90 per share 16 years ago. Now, it's yours for around a buck.

The truth is simply the fact that Rush's audience is also much older and many of them are retiring or have already, making his affiliates unattractive to advertisers. Even though some say that he's still the #1 host on talk radio, it simply don't mean shit when it equates to money.

If Rush Limbaugh re-signs this year, I'll be shocked. After all, he's 65 and his prime was years ago. Look at Johnny Carson: when he retired from The Tonight Show, he knew that his time was up. His audience was aging and the kids loved Arsenio. Clearly, I don't think that iHM has $400 million to pay Rush's pill-popping fat ass. If they re-sign him, I see them becoming a pink sheet.

Meanwhile, Howard Stern is on top with 30 million Sirius listeners. So how's your crow, terrestrial radio?


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