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4.27.16 Bee-otch of the Day: American Family Association

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Name: American Family Association
Age: 39
Occupation: right-winged hate group
Last Seen: Tupelo, MS
Bee-otched For
putting target on Target

Sadly, even with Howard Stern now on satellite radio, the AFA still exists.

The band of Southern yokels, created in 1977 by idiot pastor Donald Wildmon over his disgust of Three's Company and Suzanne Somers' big, bouncy boobies have had their fair share of boycotts over the years. They've boycotted stores that sold Playboy, Pepsi over their support of Madonna and her "Like a Prayer" video, Howard Stern (especially through Bill Johnson and what is now his American Decency Association) and even Mighty Mouse because of a 1987 episode of his New Adventures because 1) he supposedly snorted cocaine and 2) the show was produced by Ralph Bakshi, the man behind the X-rated theatrical classic "Fritz the Cat".

Now, the "religious" group, labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their rants against the LGBT crowd, is trying to lead a boycott of retail giant Target because of the company's policy that allows people to choose whatever bathroom they feel most comfortable in. The AFA claims that the edict will harm especially women and children. However, I feel that there's other things to worry about than if I'm using a urinal and a woman chooses to pee next to me. (And yes, it is possible.)

Several years ago, I used to attend WWE pay-per-views at my local Buffalo Wild Wings. A few times, I witnessed what looked like a young black girl in a wheelchair using the urinal. Did I ask the father why his daughter was using the urinal? Nope, and it was none of my business. However, personally, I'm one of those guys who HATES peeing next to a guy. The last thing I need is some dude staring at my junk. Maybe we oughta have bathrooms for straight and gay males, right, AFA?

The point is that the AFA has their heads up their asses, which is par for the course for them. They're more worried about somebody born a man who is now a woman going into the ladies' room to possibly sneak a peek than other things that we should worry about, like, oh, SCHOOL SHOOTINGS? Plus, a lot of violence happens in girls' bathrooms in schools, but since men aren't allowed, things can get dangerous.

Look, I'd rather look at female body parts vs. males. Hell, at my workplace, there's two men's rooms. If I see legs down in the stall in one bathroom, I go to the other since my workplace doesn't pay me enough to smell the contents of another man's butthole. Then again, as somebody who beared witness to his ex-girlfriend taking a shit in his bathroom, it's safe to say that the scent of female booty ain't pleasant, either. But anyway, since I'm a man, I'll still use the men's room out of respect to my sex. If I see a woman or a transgender person use my restroom, no biggie as long as I walk out of there without something poking me in the ass.

So, do you have something better to attack, AFA? 

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