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4.5.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Michael Grey

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Name: Michael Grey
Age: ??
Occupation: ex-morning show host at WBBL
Last Seen: Grand Rapids
Bee-otched For: allegedly getting the boot again 


The goings-on in Grand Rapids radio is turning into a better soap opera than The Young and the Restless.

As we reported recently, Eric Zane was let go from WGRD and The Free Beer and Hot Wings morning radio show for unknown reasons. Rumors for his firing included everything from an altercation between him and Deltaplex owner Daniel Langlois and his ongoing battle with Grand Rapids sports hack "Huge" Bill Simonson at WBBL.

Now, Zane has found a new home, and when it was announced yesterday, it was a shock to many in the market. Zane is now the new morning show host at WBBL

Yes, Zane and Fatboy are now best buds.

As FB&HW's sidekick, Zane would constantly make fan of Huge by doing impersonations of him to bragging about his tepid ratings. According to his YouTube blog, Zane claimed that Simonson was one of the first people who reached out to him after his firing. Amazing, since Simonson apparently is not a totally forgiving person.

The Eric Zane Show officially debuts Thursday morning on WBBL at 6 a.m., going toe-to-toe with FB&HW. WBBL is currently near last place in the radio ratings and some wonder if Zane's new show will help the struggling sports talker, especially since they lost the Tigers and Red Wings to WOOD and ESPN 96.1.

According to Zane, his show will not be totally sports-related.

But the question is, where's Michael Grey, WBBL's old morning man?

Yesterday, the dweeb made a cryptic Twitter post saying "A fish rots from the head down". Awwwww.

Yes, this is the same Michael Grey who damn near killed WGRD when it was alternative, who fucked up KLQ royally and got shitcanned from every other station he worked at because of super-low ratings. The fact that Cumulus rehired him at WBBL is nothing short but sheer stupidity and then some.

True, it's unknown if Grey was indeed canned from The Ball, but if he was indeed fired, it might be one of the very few wise decisions struggling Cumulus has made in a long, long time. After all, they blew up WHNN in Bay City despite monster ratings and they just destroyed the once-almighty KGO in San Francisco, a station that 20 years ago was the top radio station in the Bay Area for years.

IMHO, a part of me thinks that WBBL could see a slight ratings increase, especially over ESPN 96.1 now that Zane is on board. But there's that other part of me that thinks that Zane sold out to his listeners simply because he's now Huge's butt buddy. In the end, Free Beer and Hot Wings have nothing to worry about. They'll still be #1 in the ratings and WGRD will remain one of the best active rock stations in Michigan.

In other news, you know, Howard Stern is still quite funny.


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