Thursday, April 7, 2016

4.7.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump 
Age: 69
Occupation: rich dude
Last Seen: ??
Bee-otched For: getting cheesed in Wisconsin


Looks like the establishment is losing ground.

On Tuesday, voters in Wisconsin voted for Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz in the state primaries. The Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump is blaming the Republican establishment for his loss. But, maybe he oughta blame his mouth instead.

Last week, Trump shocked even his fans because he, a life-long supporter of women's rights announced that women should be severely punished for having an abortion. Trump's words angered even the most-conservative of all Republicans.  He later recanted his words, but it just wasn't enough as he only got second place in the Republican polls.

As for Hillary Clinton, she was also a sore loser once again as she lost to Bernie Sanders. He has beaten the ex-First Lady in seven out of the last eight primaries, proving that even the Democrats are tired of the establishment, too.

I've noticed that many Democrats are pissed over the way Bernie has been treated since the National Committee wants Hillary to be its leader. However, she's too much in neutral territory to be a true Democrat. After all, her husband approved NAFTA, the Telecommunications Act and allowed al-Qaeda to train on our soil.

Now, IF she's the nominee, yes, I'll vote for her, simply because I don't want the Donald to be my next president. But all I can say is don't see a whole lot of progress if she's the prez. She might leave the White House with a surplus, but only if Bill helps. The Democratic Party should be the liberal party, not the centralist!

Look, I think most people don't want a businessman to be the next prez, especially after the abortion known as Dubya. Can we afford to take what Obama gave us for eight years and blow it up like Dubya did to Bill? Good question.

But, it's not over. After all, John Kasich is still in the running to take delegates away from Trump and Cruz. We might not have a Republican candidate if there's not enough delegates! Who knows?

All I can say  is only a few more months of this shit.


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