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4.28.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Tyler Collins

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Name: Tyler Collins
Age: 25
Occupation: baseball player
Last Seen: Toledo
Bee-otched For
pissing off Tiger fans

When us Michiganders hear the words "April in the D", it means excitement.

To us, it means the beginning of Tiger baseball, Red Wings in the playoffs and if we're nice enough, the Pistons in the playoffs too. Now, April's almost over and both the Red Wings and Pistons are done for the year. Even worse, the Tigers are struggling to stay around a .500.

Now, they're going to do it without outfielder Tyler Collins.

On Tuesday's game against the A's, a ball was heading towards Collins' section, but because of the lighting, he couldn't see it coming toward him. Another outfielder, Justin Upton was heading towards that same ball, but instead of an easy out for the A's, the ball dropped. Upton picked it up only to drop it again while Collins picked it up himself and threw it to third base. Problem was, Third Baseman Nick Castellanos dropped that ball and it fled into the foul area.

Needless to say, Tiger fans were pissed over the shitty play. Collins should have responded by simply moving on and focusing on a good game. But instead, he turned into a whiny little bitch and flipped off 21,000 spectators in attendance at Comerica Park and millions at home.

But hey! The Tigs beat the A's 7-3.

Despite objections from fans, Major League Baseball chose not to punish Collins, but the Tigers organization responded by shipping him across the state line to Toledo, where he's now a Mudhen for the time being.

Other than the fact that he shares his name with a 1990s female R&B one-hit-wonder, Collins should definitely be embarrassed by this rookie incident. True, he's a kid, but flipping off a whole bunch of people who are supposed to be your fans just isn't very nice. He needs to know that the most professional athletes fuck up. Michael Jordan's lost games, Lebron James loses games, Justin Verlander throws homeruns (like last night), it goes on. It's not 100% his fault that he allowed the ball to drop, but then again, Comerica Park needs lights for people to see, too. No lights at Comerica means that they could only do home games and now, the sun is not in your favor.

Hopefully, Collins will one day come back to Detroit acting like a human being and not a pompous ass like Kanye West. Yes, we expect the best from our Tigers, but remember, last year, we started at 9-1 and ended the season with a .400. The season's still young and we have a ways to go. No rush.

But if all else fails, remember that Detroit will soon be getting a new Major League Soccer team brought to you by Pistons owner Tom Gores and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Thanks, LeBron!

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