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4.26.16 Bee-otch of the Day: WZZM-13

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Name: WZZM-13
Age: 54
Occupation: ABC affiliate
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For
being nothing like their sister in Phoenix

Well, I'm back from the desert.

I just spent a week in sunny Phoenix visiting my mother. All week, it was nice and sunny, but hot with temps in the 90s. So, Mom and I spent a chunk of the time sitting inside her house basking in the AC, watching TV.

When it comes to the media in Phoenix, that town ROCKS. Their radio dial is loaded with every known format imaginable, even elevator music. TV-wise, there's a lot of selection between English and Spanish language programming. As a matter of fact, the top TV news station in town - AFAIK - is the local Univision station.

But since I don't speak Spanish, which hampers my ability to enjoy an episode of El Chavo (not to worry since Chespirito was a right-winged asshole who cheated on his wife), I'm stuck with good 'ol local TV for local news. Since I've always been an NBC guy, I went with KPNX-12 for their news. To be honest, they weren't bad! Their newscasts were well-produced. The only major problem was that on one day, some of the video was jerky. But it was fixed later on. I think their main news anchor, Mark Curtis is a pure professional and his co-anchor, Vanessa Ruiz is smokin' hot. Hell, KPNX has several hotties in front of the camera. Even their Chief Meteorologist, Caribe Devine ain't bad looking for having two kids.

The thing is, KPNX is a winner. They've been a top-rated news station in Phee-Phee for years, especially after their competition experienced one of the weirdest affiliation swaps in TV history in 1995 where virtually everybody but them swapped affiliations (KTVK-3 went from ABC to WB to Independent, KPHO-5 went from indy to CBS, KSAZ-10 went from CBS to Fox and KNXV-15 went from Fox to ABC).

However, their sister in Grand Rapids doesn't have the luck that they have.

WZZM-13 does share the same graphics as KPNX-12, but that's it. Otherwise, the station as a whole is an abortion and the bastard child of TEGNA, the old Gannett Media (the owners spun off the publishing division and the name and simply re-aligned the letters). There's a good reason why Wizzim is in pathetic fourth place and it's simply because watching their newscasts is like watching paint dry. KPNX's newscasts are well-done while WZZM is simply awful.

To me, WZZM is embarrassing, such as the fact that they waited forever to begin a 5 p.m. newscast to recent abortions such as sports anchor Jamal Spencer's flubbing of the Michigan-Michigan State football score and the fact that they were the last station in town to cover the Kalamazoo shootings. Plus, aging news anchor Juliet Dragos is too much of a yenta for my taste. The only good thing about WZZM is the fact that Lee Van Ameyde retired recently.

Look, I'm not expecting WZZM to hire nothing but young hotties with big tits and to be on the same page as KPNX, but dammit, FIX YOUR PRODUCT! Want me to keep watching WOOD-TV 8? 
It's sad that TEGNA has some great stations, but WZZM ain't one of them.

I have heard rumblings that TEGNA is trying to clean house (which might be why Lee retired) and might be getting rid of older employees. If that's so. Good. WZZM needs to stay competitive. If not, they'll be getting rammed by WOOD for good.

Learn from the best and stop playing by rules that can't be followed very well.

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