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6.11.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Clear Channel

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Name: Clear Channel
Age: 40
Occupation: evil radio giant
Last Seen: San Antonio, TX
Bee-otched For: giving Glenn Beck another chance
He's lost a ton of his affiliates.

He's lost his once-popular show on Fox News Channel.

He's even lost his New York affiliate.

So, why is Clear Channel still showing that they have a lot of faith in that loveable man that Keith Olbermann once called "Lonesome Rhodes"?

It's official: the evil radio giant that's $20 billion in debt just signed Beck to another five years on the radio. The New York Times reports that Beck's Mercury Radio Arts and CC's Premiere Radio Networks have agreed to terms of a new contract that would keep the man whose foot is always implanted in his mouth on the air for another five years. The Times claims that Beck's contract is worth $10 million per year, but another person close to the source claims that Beck's new contract is worth even more than that: $100 million, which would be paid throughout the course of his contract.

CC will also pay Beck for advertising on his websites including his fledgling GBTV internet channel, which nobody cares about.

Now, like I said, Clear Channel's ass end in debt, and with $20 billion in the hole, if I was a jock for CC, I'd be peeing my pants. I'll betcha that sooner or later, all of CC's stations would be running jockless, or even run in a fashion similar to stations affiliated with Dial Global's infamous STORQ system (which makes their jocks sound local). Truth is, it shows how fucked in the head they are, giving a right-winged loon like Beck the time of day.

It's sad that CC will invest in a jerk like Beck, but they'll do anything to kill what little intelligent radio there is. Christ, look at what they're doing to Randi Rhodes, burying her on what little liberal talk stations they have. I'll betcha that they're doing it to please Rush Limbaugh, their biggest star.

Folks, this is another good reason why people need to boycott sponsors of right-winged talk radio. If by chance you're listening to Rush, Hannity, Beck and all their kin, show their advertisers a lesson by not shopping at their stores. Clear Channel must lose on their mega offer to Beck. Let's return radio to the people, not the 1%.

And why hasn't CC gone bankrupt yet?
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