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6.25.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Jerry Sandusky

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Name: Jerry Sandusky
Age: 68
Occupation: prison bitch
Last Seen: in jail
Bee-otched For: don't tell me that you've been under a rock all this time....

For quite some time, people in State College will be in a lot of pain. Just one year ago, the Nittany Lions were one of America's most-respected football teams, getting ready for a decent 9-4 season under head coach Joe Paterno.

But what a difference just one year makes. Paterno was fired from the PennState football program after it was discovered that he was hiding the fact that his long-time assistant, Jerry Sandusky was molesting young boys who were part of his Second Mile program for troubled youth. The courts ruled that Sandusky had done everything from anal rape to oral sex to kissing the young boys, most of them in their pre-teens.

On Friday, Sandusky was found guilty of a stunning 45 out of 48 charges of child abuse. His fate now lies in the hands of Judge John Cleland, who will decide what will happen to Sandusky within the next 90 days.

Many felt that Sandusky's shenanigans eventually cost JoePa his life; not long after he was fired from the PennState football program, he developed lung cancer, which cost him his life on January 22nd of this year. He was 85. Despite being PennState's head coach for 45 years plus being its assistant coach for 15 years prior, a respected 409-136-3 record and two national championships, Joe Paterno will be remembered by many as a total jerk for caring more about his record over the welfare and safety of the children Jerry Sandusky hurt and scarred.

Legal experts claim that Sandusky will get a sentence of a staggering 442 years in jail, which is safe to say that he will spend the rest of his life in the slammer. The punishment does fit the crime, although his victims are now living a longer sentence than he will face. The children of the Second Mile are now around 18 to late 20s and will have to have the pain and suffering for the rest of their lives of knowing that something so sickening happened to them. Even Sandusky's own adopted son admitted that he molested him, too.

I know it's not nice to judge, but personally, I hope that there's a hell made personally for this monster. Why anybody would ever want to hurt children is beyond me. Not only did Jerry Sandusky ruin his reputation, but he scared his own boss into not saying a word, claiming that he thought that nobody would ever do such a thing (although pedophilia is as old as time itself). But maybe the real victims are none other than Nittany Lion fans themselves, wondering and hoping that people will at least remember JoePa as a great coach and not a protector of the guilty. Jerry Sandusky might have been the sickest person who ever lived, but the people in State College hope that it won't totally tarnish the reputation that school has ever faced.

After all, as the old saying goes, "time heals all wounds". 

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