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6.28.12 Bee-otch of the Day: The Supreme Court

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Name: The Supreme Court
Age: 223
Occupation: the highest court of the United States 
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: making some bad decisions, and some future ones as well


I know, I'm jumping to conclusions here. But with me not doing Bee-otch of the Day next week, it's safe to say that Obamacare will be altered by the Supreme Court.

Since I'm writing this early in the morning, I personally won't know for hours if the Supreme Court will allow Obamacare through or not. But, they're still creating stupid and unfortunate mistakes.

Last week, the SC DID made a good decision by throwing out all the indecency fines from the FCC to broadcasters that aired so-called "fleeting expletives" during award shows. The Court ruled that broadcasters had no prior knowledge about Paris Hilton, Cher or Bono all saying the word "fuck" during the ceremonies, and it just didn't make sense for them to pay for their use of profanity. But why *should* the Court face the wrath of the world-famous Bee-otch of the Day? Simps: in their report, they didn't specify if the current FCC indecency rules were constitutional or not.

Ya know, it's time for somebody to overturn the stupid and unnecessary laws that force broadcasters to bleep and blur everything "all to protect children". We have TV ratings and the V-chip for those. It's a pathetic shame that Canada and Britain have the CBC and BBC respectively and they show lots of the good stuff: violence, sex, nudity and profanity. And guess what? THEY'RE BOTH GOVERNMENT OWNED!

Of course, the Court was at it again a few days ago when they declared that the state of Arizona can allow search and seizures of "questionables" in case they turn out to be illegal aliens. With a record amount of illegals in this country, they feel that pulling people to the side constantly just because they look like Danny Trejo will help people out. IT DOESN'T. I think that maybe if we can convince Mexico to treat their citizens better and maybe if we can convince them to live a more-feasible lifestyle - ie practicing birth control instead of having 26 kids - we all can win and we won't have to have the Supreme Court make it an issue for them to fight.

Now, the sands of the hourglass are crumbling down to the minute the Supreme Court makes their ruling on if Obamacare is totally legal. Chances are that they will get rid of some unpopular provisions, such as forcing all Americans to have health insurance. However, one of the main reasons it was passed was because so health insurers cannot take away coverage to individuals with a pre-existing condition. If the SC gets rid of Obamacare, it keeps the same, tired system of giving rich fat cats more money off of the tit of the sick.

You see, this is why I sometimes call ex-president Bush "Bushhitler". The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts is just 57 years old, which means that he can be in that position for years to come. His far-right-winged policies will do nothing but share the same ideals as the last president and will make sure that many Americans will be pulled under while the wealthy will thrive. Neither Roberts nor Bush care about America. If Obamacare's repealed, many Americans even stated that they hope that the president will create another bill that will make healthcare affordable for all Americans.

Somewhere, Obama's mother is looking down, hoping and praying that her son's ideas will not be rejected by a bunch of far-right thugs. I think it's important that we keep voting for the Democrats or else we'll all suffer. It's time to turn off Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh and see the hurt in the eyes of those fighting cancer or are in need of a new heart. Insurance companies are evil, and if Obamacare survives, it'll suck to be them.

To all the Obamacare haters: turn off the fear, turn on the truth. 
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