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6.20.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Jase Bolger

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Name: Jase Bolger
Age: 40
Occupation: Speaker of the House, Michigan House of Representatives
Last Seen: Lansing, MI
Bee-otched For: being a vagina hater

Sometimes, ya gotta get to the root of the problem.

Several days ago, we talked about the Michigan House of Representatives and the fact that they kicked out West Bloomfield rep Lisa Brown for saying the word "vagina" during a speech on abortion.

Now, we get to meet the man who officially kicked her and fellow rep Barb Brynum out of the house.

James "Jase" Bolger is the Speaker of the House for the state of Michigan. He's (surprise) originally from Grand Rapids and is from Calhoun County where he represents the state's 63rd district. He's married and has two children, plus he's Roman Catholic.

Now, I do wonder what his damn problem was with Lisa Brown talking about her vajayjay. You see, medical journals everywhere even point out that the medical term for vagina is.... Vagina. Since Bolger's dismissal of both Brynum and Brown last week from the House floor, Many have come out to support the two, even standing on the House steps to read "The Vagina Monologues".

Brown even wrote a letter on the behalf of the grassroots organization Democracy for America, claiming that all Speaker Bolger did was silence the voices of 180,000 people that she and Brynum represent. She demands that he apologize for his stupid censure of them.

I know. The west side of Michigan's chiefly conservative while the areas the two women represent aren't. It's sickening that there's people who live in the stone age like Jase Bolger who think that even the general term for a woman's private area is too obscene for the House floor. This asshole has shown that despite being a WMU grad, his IQ has got to be hovering around room temperature and he, a father of a daughter himself thinks that women shouldn't have the same rights men do.

I say that throughout this whole ordeal with Bolger and his lunacy, both men and women need to love the vagina even more. Sometimes it might be totally shaved and smelling like roses and other times it's bushy and stinky, but it's the most-important body part on any human being. After all, it's what gives us humans life. Yes, it's sacred, but we must remember the people who possess it. If us men want it, we must do our best of being worthy for it.

And if I was Jase Bolger's wife, I'd kick him in the nuts really, really hard.
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