Thursday, June 14, 2012

6.14.12 Bee-otch of the Day: the United States Government

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Name: The United States Government
Age: 236
Occupation: the nation's lawmakers
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: not making weed legal yet

When a law is made, people will always fight to get around it.

And as we all know, sometimes, the results can be fatal or detrimental.

Many states - Michigan included - are working to ban co-called synthetic marijuana. These packets of herbal incense are usually sold under the names "Spice", "K2" and "Hayze Trainwreck". According to their manufacturers, they claim to be safe and totally legal because it's supposed to be milder than real cannabis. However, many people who have purchased and used the stuff end up calling the poison control center because of illness linked to the product, such as vomiting, seizures and even heart attacks.

Like I said, sometimes when something's made illegal, people will take it upon themselves to find legal alternatives, even if it can lead to death. It's like when we had prohibition; people bootlegged booze, and some of it turned out to be poison.

Ya know, maybe we wouldn't ever have K2 and those other brands of fake weed if real cannabis was never made illegal in the first place. Really, how many people have gotten heart attacks from weed? How about seizures or even vomiting? It's a cure-all, not the enemy! The only reason why it's illegal is because of propaganda created in part by the Hearst clan since they were huge investors in timber, and cannabis is a stronger and more reliable material.

Cannabis can cure cancers, ease stress and make overall life better. I think there's a variety of reasons why it's still illegal, including the multi-billion-dollar drug companies trying to profit off of their crap that does nothing but eventually kill people. I'm glad that we're getting closer and closer to legalizing cannabis, such as many states passing medical marijuana laws that have helped many people.

In the end, it's time that we all stand up, and stop having the negative messages spread to us from Reefer Madness and other films that lie to us about its use. Just think, I keep thinking about how President Obama can be just like FDR by being more progressive. Remember, it was Roosevelt who got rid of prohibition of alcohol and it helped lead to this nation's recovery from the Great Depression. If Obama can legalize cannabis, it would mean more farming jobs and healthier people.

Remember, prohibition of anything never works. Legalize it now!

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