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6.6.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Apostolic Faith Tabernacle

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Name: Apostolic Truth Tabernacle
Age: 5
Occupation: church
Last Seen: Greensburg, IN
Bee-otched For: preaching the wrong gospel


OK, I now admit it: the Bible DOES proclaim that homosexuality is a sin.
And I learned it from a little boy.

A week ago Sunday, a four-year-old boy at the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Greensburg, IN - a small town of 11,000 half-way between Cincinnati and Indianapolis - became an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. He stood up in front of the congregation and sang the following:

I know the Bible's right and somebody's wrong,
I know the Bible's right and somebody's wrong,
Romans 1:27,
Ain't no homo's gonna make it to Heaven.

When the boy finished the song, the church's pastor, Jeff Sangl, who was standing behind him, fell into a fit of laughter and the whole congregation cheered, hooted and hollered at the boy's performance. One man proudly yelled "THAT'S MY BOY!" Apparently, he was asked to come back later to sing his new hit.

So far, the video of "Ain't No Homo's Gonna Make It To Heaven" has received thousands of hits on YouTube and the church itself has been the victim of death threats. Sangl and his wife were forced to take a "secret vacation" and the church even took down its Facebook page. On the church's website, it even released a statement claiming that it doesn't preach or condone hate and that people are welcome to come to the church as they are.

Well, guess who also claims to not preach hate? A little group called the KKK. Want proof? Click here and look under the banner.

But, then again, what do you expect from a church from the grand 'ol state of Indiana?

I looked at Romans 1:27, and yes, it's proof that the Bible does talk about homosexuality. But guess what? The Bible also preaches against tattoosgoing near dead bodies (that means you, CSI-types)trimming your beardand even eating shrimp. Seriously, when was the last time anybody has protested Long John Silver's? How about the local tattoo parlor? Fuck, LOOK AT CHRISTIAN ROCKERS POD! GASP! TATTOOS!

I know the Bible's right and somebody's wrong,
I know the Bible's right and somebody's wrong,
Leviticus 19:28,
POD's going to hell to incinerate.

Look, I'm a sinner. We all are. But then again, the Bible ain't perfect, either. Like most books written thousands of years ago, the Bible's got missing parts. Ever hear of The Book of the Wars of the Lord? How about Jasher or even the Annals of King David? Thought so. Maybe if those books weren't censored and lost centuries ago, they COULD prove that it's OK to have sex with those of the same sex, have tattoos and enjoy a night at Red Lobster (and POD would sigh a breath of relief). But, the Bible does contradict itself; just think about the death penalty. Matthew 5:38 supports it, Deuteronomy 5:17 doesn't.

The moral of this story is simple: if you're going to bash gays - especially using a four-year-old boy to do so - please bash those with tattoos and are clean-shaven first. A young kid cannot think for himself, and shouldn't be taught that gays are bad, either. Plus, if your church gay-bashes, please leave it. I think this backwards-thinking church is nothing more than a bunch of asshole hicks who preach hate and need to burn in hell for all eternity for doing so. Gays are sinners, and so are these hilljacks.

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