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6.21.12 Bee-otch of the Day: John Cena

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Name: John Cena
Age: 35
Occupation: Ernest P. Worrell lookalike
Last Seen: Long Island, NY
Bee-otched For: not showing his wife honesty, loyalty and respect

OK, so there's no total evidence that John Cena is guilty, but c'mon! This is John Cena we're talking about!

Yes, the TV-PG-rated wrestler has some explaining to do in regards to his recent divorce from his high school sweetheart, Liz. The soon-to-be former Mrs. John Cena told that she claims that he cheated on her, which are grounds for challenging the duo's pre-nup. Her attorney told the entertainment website that they're getting leads that Cena was being unfaithful before and after their separation.

The Cenas were married for three years until John issued Liz divorce papers two months ago.

On his Twitter account, former WWE wrestler Ken Doane - fka Kenny Dykstra - revealed that Cena had a relationship with ex-WWE Diva Mickie James just a short time before he married the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs. Cena (nee Huberdeau). Bear in mind that the two had been dating since high school, so if possible, he could have been dating his soon-to-be wife and James - who's now in rival TNA - at the same time.

Cena has wrestled for the WWE since 2002, and has been credited for helping to shed the organization from its edgy "Attitude" era to its current TV-PG rating. In a radio interview a few years ago, Cena claimed that it was mainly due to younger children admiring him, probably because he dresses like Barney the Dinosaur in the ring.

Some years ago, I predicted that Cena's career would eventually take a turn for the worse, and I'm right. Why should kids use a wife-cheater like Cena as a positive role model? Look, I love and respect women. If I was married to somebody who I loved and cherished too much, I wouldn't cheat on her. She'd be my life. I've seen several pictures of Liz Cena, and if she was my Queen, I would do my best to love and respect her every day. I know. In wrestling, you travel a lot and storylines will throw you into in-ring relationships with other women. But as a husband, I would still fight to keep my relationship work.

So, there you go. John Cena is now the Tiger Woods of wrestling. May Liz take his Fruity Pebbles-loving ass to the cleaners and suck him dry financially. May he have to work longer than Hulk Hogan to make up what he may lose for breaking the pre-nup.

Hey! He can work as a male prostitute! He should stand at a street corner and yell "DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE COCK IS COOKIN'?"
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