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6.18.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Michigan House of Representatives

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Name: The Michigan House of Representatives
Age: 175
Occupation: the lower house of the Michigan legislature
Last Seen: Lansing, MI
Bee-otched For: making a woman's pee hole a four-letter word

Michigan, you get what you vote for.

In 2010, despite President Obama making lots of improvements to the mistakes Bush did to the state, Michigan voted in a new Republican-led government. Changes were made, and as expected, none of them were 100% good.

Of course, when you have Republicans leading a government, many things are thrown out the window, and Freedom of Speech is one of them. Last week during a speech, state rep Lisa Brown, a Democrat from the Detroit suburb of West Bloomfield was censured from the floor after she debated a bill that would affect a woman's right to an abortion in the state of Michigan. She talked about her Jewish faith and ended her speech explaining "I'm flattered that all of you are interested in my vagina, but no means no."

After that quip, the Michigan House barred Brown from the floor alongside fellow Democratic rep Barb Byrum from speaking about banning vasectomies. Many are now feeling that Brown was censured only because she said a word that's the anatomically correct word for that hole a woman has to pee out of.

Right now, the Michigan House is led by the Republicans, 64 to 46. Of course, most of the Republicans are from the more-conservative regions of the state, such as west Michigan, northern Michigan and parts of the UP while the Dems are mostly from the Detroit and Lansing areas. It was almost the opposite - 44 to 66 - prior to the 2010 elections.

But now with the Repukes running the show, they have come to show that a woman has no real right to do her job unless she wants to be like the rich white guys who have taken control of the Michigan House. They have no respect for her faith and women who are trying to get out of a pregnancy. If they had it their way, women would never be allowed to have an abortion, even if she was raped. Their excuse would be that "God delivered that rapist to have his kid", and that woman would have to struggle through the pains of being pregnant for no reason. Then, if she decided to give it up for adoption, the kid would likely be put in an abusive home and end up growing up wanting to know who his real mother was. He would grow up and realize that his mother would marry and have planned kids of her own, making him wish that he had the love of his real mother instead of the foster parents that failed him.

OK, so not all foster parents are like that, but some are. But, wouldn't that kid have a happier life dead instead of living in a hell on Earth? I'd think so. Maybe if God gave the power to a man to be pregnant on his own, more people would be for abortion. It's time for people to realize that abortion ISN'T a sin, because if it's in a woman's womb, it doesn't have a real life! It's still just a bunch of cells until it goes through... The vagina.

Sorry, but this is why I vote Democrat. I love my Freedom of Speech. If I want to say "vagina" or "pussy" or "cunt" or "twat" or "coochie" or any other name for it, I damn right should have the right. This is America, and if the Republicans want to take everything away from us, you can kiss America goodbye.

Maybe if the Dems retake the House, they should all be women with knives so they can cut all the Repukes' dicks off.
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