Monday, March 11, 2013

3.11.13 Hero of the Day: WXMI Fox 17

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Name: WXMI
Age: 31
Occupation: Fox affiliate
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Awarded For: making TV viewable again
For me, TV has gotten viewable again as I come home after a long day's work.

For many years, I was on second shift. I came home to good, funny shows like Letterman, Conan, Kimmel and Fallon to end my long work day.

Then came that fateful day last August when I was told after ten years of service that I was moving to day shift. Not only that, I was going to work 10 hours per day, six days per week.

I ended up having to kiss staying up all night goodbye and now, I had to come home after a long, dreary day to boring yenta talk. Since I don't have cable, my choices ended up being limited to the unfunny Ellen on WOOD-TV 8, the ill-fated reboot of Ricki Lake on Fox 17, The Doctors on WOTV 41 and whatever's on their .2s and .3s.

Personally, The Doctors was the lesser of all the evils. At least I learned a few things from that program, especially when that weird black woman OB/GYN talked about women peeing after sex to prevent a bladder infection because fluid from the asshole spreads to the vajayjay during sex. But sadly, it's still a chick show, especially since the show's main attraction was some dude from The Bachelor.  

Now, Fox 17 has moved the secondary episode of the now-canned Ricki Lake to 2 p.m. and guess what's now in her old spot? Yep, their secondary episode of a show that far-more intelligent than either Ellen or even The DoctorsMaury.

Yep! Fox 17 has moved the popular talk program to 4 p.m., giving us male viewers something to watch that doesn't involve getting bored to tears. Ever since Oprah retired her daily talk show, there have been a plethora of clones just wanting to be like her. However, most of these shows - Ricki included - have bombed.

Somehow, it seems that many TV stations think that the only people who watch daytime TV are all housewives. But, that's not really the truth. Personally, I'd rather know who de babydaddy is over buying shoes on a budget. If I ain't mistaken, Maury actually has better ratings than that of Ellen's. Trashy or not, I'd rather learn about other people's problems over those two tone deaf little girls Ellen has on her show every two minutes.

If only the world had more Maurys.

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