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3.20.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Pat Robertson

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Name: Pat Robertson
Age: 82
Occupation: Satan
Last Seen: Virginia Beach, VA
Bee-otched For: going after the broke

Pat Robertson is the anti Robin Hood: he takes from the poor.

The long-time host of The 700 Club Monday told the story of a couple who went through bankruptcy because the wife's job as a real estate agent just wasn't bringing in the hot paychecks it once did during the late 2000's recession. The money was so bad that they were forced to downgrade their housing from a 4,700-square foot mansion to a tiny 1,000-square foot shack.

Then, the clouds lifted and God shined his light on the family all because of one thing: they gave $20 per month to Pat Robertson and CBN. Thanks to their love gifts every month, the couple is back to living in a mansion again.

After that story, Robertson pleaded to those who found their way into the poor house that if they did the same thing this couple did and gave him $20 per month, then God will do the same thing to them as they did to the once-bankrupt family.

Well, I have living proof that Robertson is full of shit. Case in point: one of my uncles. He's in his late 50's, single and never married. He lives in a trailer park just outside of Detroit. For many years, he worked at a popular auto dealership just down the road from his trailer as a courtesy driver and helper in the service department. However, a few years ago, management changed at the dealership, and he and his new boss got into an arguement. End result: he was fired after 17 years. He did get another job working at another dealership washing luxury cars, but ended up quitting that job. He learned long and hard that you just can't quit a job because then you cannot collect unemployment. He ended up going through his 401 (K) and his mother - my grandmother - had to help support him.

Shortly before he lost his job, he started giving heavily to televangelists, mainly to channels like TBN. I personally warned him about TBN and how they suck off the poor to feed their luxurious lifestyles, but it was in one ear and out the other. To him, it was all about pleasing Jesus. Yet, he was broke, living in a nasty old trailer with no job or family of his own. Then again, we're talking about a man who had severe drug problems in high school that screwed up his brain and caused him to not graduate until he was almost 20. Well, thankfully, he found a job stocking shelves at Meijer at just pennies over minimum wage and hardly any overtime, if any.

Yes, giving your money to the Lord through crooked televangelists like Pat Robertson is going to make you better as a person.

The point is, in the case of the family whose real estate business bellied up but rebounded, that's all because Bush term limited out of the White House and we got a president in who cares about the middle class. Americans are back to work and spending again, and that's why the housing market's back. It's not because these people gave to Pat Robertson. DUH!

If you want change, you change yourself. Giving money to a man who's already worth a billion dollars won't enhance your lifestyle, it makes it worse. If you're broke and actually have $20, use it to pay your debts, not give it to a billionaire. Besides, Pat Robertson is one of the most-wicked people on Earth by using God to feed his lifestyle, but yet if he read the book of Matthew, he would want to feed more hungry mouths.

Maybe he should use that money to bail out that couple.

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