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3.6.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Roy's General Store

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Name: Roy's General Store
Age: 55
Occupation: grocery/hardware store
Last Seen: Traverse City, MI
Bee-otched For: selling M-16s near a school
In one section of Traverse City, there's a few stores: a mom-n-pop that sells groceries and hardware, a Shell station that's owned by a relatively big company called Schmuckal Oil and a big Oleson's Food Store.

True, any smart-thinking small business supporter would be trading at the ma-n-pa, but the lesser of all the evils might as well be Oleson's, especially since they're locally owned. So is the Shell.

But Roy's General Store is a business that loves attention, especially for its clever signs. For years, the Hentschel family that owns the store have been putting up signs that have been catching the attention of passers by. One legendary sign read "eat here, get gas", which promoted the fact that they serve food and sell gas (a Shell station for years, they're now with BP, sadly). Sometimes, they misspell certain words just to get customers' attention.

But IMHO, Roy's just went a little too far recently.

Last week, the store, located at Hammond and 3 Mile decided that they should put on their sign "GET YOUR M16 RIFLE HERE BEFORE IT IS OUTLAWED". While many found the sign hilarious, many, like myself found it, well, tasteless.

The reason? Roy's is just down the road from Cherry Knoll Elementary School.

Now, I know it's not very likely that it'll ever happen, but what if somebody shot up the school with guns purchased from Roy's? I'll betcha that the Hentschels would have a lot of egg on their faces. But that's the pro-gun mentality people have, just like Adam Lanza's mother, who thought that the sky was falling so she got her hands on all the guns she could buy.

Thankfully, the "M16s" Roy's was referring to was a cigarette lighter shaped like one. Despite their lame attempt at humor, they still ran out of the item.

The point is, if I were in the area, I would be avoiding Roy's at all costs. I'll betcha there's a lot of parents who drive by the place on the way to drop off their kids or pick them up at Cherry Knoll who should be pissed at them for acting like they don't support President Obama's legislation to ban the sales of automatic weapons. Truth be told, I think it's time for people to realize that M16s and other assault weapons aren't covered by the Second Amendment since they're not really guns at all. They're killing machines, plain and simple. Look, I'm not against stores like Roy's selling hunting rifles, but if they were selling the same guns that killed 20 young children and six teachers at Sandy Hook, I would be happy to be heading on down to Oleson's.

Besides, bison's good for you.

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