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3.27.13 Bee-otch of the Day: SiriusXM

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Name: SiriusXM
Age: 23
Occupation: satellite radio provider
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: getting blazed 


You get what you pay for, folks.

I pay for Howard Stern and commercial-free music channels, not for Martha Stewart, Opie and Anthony, Jamie Foxx or even Dr. Laura.

And I definitely don't pay for Glenn Beck.

But sadly, now I am.

The satcaster added Glenn Beck's "TheBlaze" radio channel on Monday to their internet subscribers only and not their satellite service (FYI, I have Sirius internet only; I canceled my satellite subscription two years ago). The channel airs Beck's show, alongside a few no-namers. The Blaze also airs on Beck's website and on Clear Channel's iHeartRadio app.

For a while, I thought that Beck's star was fading, especially after his idiotic comments on Obama being a racist. Fox News Channel canned his show and Beck started using TheBlaze's video feed for his TV show. Hell, several radio stations - including WOR New York, which is now owned by Beck's syndicator Clear Channel - got rid of his show. But since he still has a wide audience and is part of CC's trifecta of doom that also features Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, he still has huge ratings.

However, I think there's a slightly good side to the dogstar wanting to carry Beck's network: what if Howard Stern were to leave the company? After all, it seems that he wants to work in TV full-time, plus the fact that there's that rumor that he might be taking over The Tonight Show once Jay Leno's contract is up. Personally, it would make a lot of sense for them to get Beck and maybe work on getting an exclusive contract to get Rush and maybe Hannity as well, but it would also alienate people like me who pay $15 per month for the service itself.

But, that's the thing: Sirius is working too hard to bring a diverse audience to its service, and it's not working. Say, aren't they supposed to have several channels devoted to minority-based programming as part of their deal with the FCC? Whatever happened to that? Instead, it's good 'ol Glenn Beck off his meds again.

Good thing I also have Slacker on my cell phone if all else fails.

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