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3.14.13 Hero of the Day: Clive Burr

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Name: Clive Burr
Age: was 56
Occupation: ex-drummer for Iron Maiden
Last Seen: deceased
Awarded For: trying to make MS run to the hills
Even though his work with one of rock's hardest bands was only limited to three albums, Clive Burr left us with a legacy of rememberable music.

Burr was only with 'Maiden for three years - 1979-1982 and three albums: self-titled, Killers and their breakthrough album, 1982's Number of the Beast which brought us two of the band's most popular tunes, the title cut and the song whose video's seen above, "Run to the Hills".

Without a doubt, 'Hills' was one of the most-important tunes in rock history, expressing concern for the plight of the Native American.

Burr left the band in 1982 over personal differences and their grueling tour schedule. He was replaced with their current long-time drummer, Nicko McBrain. IM lead singer Bruce Dickinson was quoted by saying that Burr was the band's best-ever drummer for his feel for the drums, although he said it to no offense to McBrain. After leaving 'Maiden, Burr joined several other bands with varying amounts of success. One band, Gogmagog, reunited him with original 'Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno.

However, in 1994, Burr was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and eventually ended up in a wheelchair. Treatment for MS left Burr deeply in debt, but thanks to many in the rock world such as his former bandmates in Iron Maiden, a trust fund was created to help Burr and others struggling with the disease. Iron Maiden held several charity concerts for Burr and there was even a "Clive Aid" which he attended.

Sadly, Clive's fight with the disease ended on Tuesday in his sleep. He was 56.

Thanks to people live Clive Burr, people now have a deeper understanding of the disease, and it's proof that even celebrities like himself can end up struggling financially because of it. Although his output with Iron Maiden was quite limited, he'll always be remembered for helping to give the band its signature sound that involves its fast style of drumming.

Devil horns in the air one more time. RIP Clive.

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