Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3.26.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Vern Verduin

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Name: Vern Verduin
Age: ??
Occupation: dairy farmer
Last Seen: Gaines Twp, MI
Bee-otched For: being bullish on Obama 


It's the one thing many drivers hate seeing on the side of the road: eyesores.

There's a lot of them out there: broken-down buildings, graveside memorials, trash and signs that expose ideals that only provoke controversy.

Right now, there's two giant eyesores here in Grand Rapids on the freeway M-6 going west towards US-131, and they involve two semi trailers perched at a dairy farm. One reads "Obama's 'Mission Accomplished' 8% unemployment 16 trillion in debt" and another "Marxism/socialism = poverty & hunger".

The trailers are the property of Vern Verduin, a dairy farmer in Gaines Township. He usually uses the trailers to distribute hay to his cows, but decided one day to use them to express his political views. Now, the township board is citing him for the signs, which are more than 20 square feet, the limit for political signs for the township.

However, Verduin is crying First Amendment and is now lawyered up and claiming that the township is trying to censor his rights. Judge Steven Servaas is even skeptical that the sign that links Marxism to poverty is even a political sign at all.

The township will hear Verduin's case next week.

Look, I'm not against Vern Verduin putting up anything of any kind on his property. The thing is, comparing Obama to socialism and Marxism is just plain stupid. There's no evidence that Obama's either. Hell, comparing him to POVERTY is flat-out wrong. Ever since he took control of the White House, the economy's gotten bettter and people are finding jobs again.

Personally, I would do the same, but with Bush and his policies. It was HIM who led America into poverty with three wars and lies about 9/11. I'll betcha that VerDuin is just another asshole who wants that colored fella out of the White House, but he'll have to wait another four years. By then, maybe this nation will be anything but Marxist or impoverished.

Instead of putting up something like "Obama = poverty" or whatever, he should put a big, giant dunce cap on one of his barns.

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