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3.13.13 Bee-otch of the Day: cancer

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Name: cancer
Age: millions
Occupation: killer
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: creating a death sentance for celebrities
If you're a lover of sitcoms, these have been a sad few months.

It was announced a few months ago that Bonnie Franklin, the star of the 1970's program One Day at a Time was battling pancreatic cancer, which has a low rate of successful recovery. Sadly, the 69-year-old actress succumbed to the disease two weeks ago.

Only a week after Franklin's death, another 1970's sitcom star, Emmy-winning Valerie Harper who won those awards as the best friend of Mary Tyler Moore and on her own with her own spinoff Rhoda announced that she has a rare form of brain cancer and was given a three-month death sentence. So far, she's been quite upbeat about her diagnosis, appearing on many talk shows and interviews, saying that she's been taking her life one day at a time and still feels very healthy. Harper's condition might have stemmed from the fact that she fought - and defeated - lung cancer in 2009, a disease that only has a 25% survival rate.

Now, another sitcom figure has announced that he might be dying, too. Sam Simon, the producer of many TV shows such as The SimpsonsTaxi and The Drew Carey Show just announced that he's been battling colorectal cancer and says that he has only three to six months to live. Ironically, his production partner in The Simpsons, James L. Brooks also helped to create Rhoda, which also starred Julie Kavner, who played her sister, Brenda and yes, Marge Simpson.

It's also worth noting that Ms. Harper also starred in a recent episode of The Simpsons, playing a proctor of the Department of Standardized Testing.

It's always sad when anybody gets cancer, especially when it's somebody who helped us grow up. We all learned a lot from Ann Romero, Rhoda Morganstern and Mr. Simon, and it's always a sad shame knowing the pain all of them are going through. What's worse might be the fact that there's people out there who seem to not want to find the best cure for cancer, and many of them are the politicians who don't want medical marijuana or stem cells to create antibodies to fight cancer. Instead, they have people suffer. Personally, I think it's awesome that we have a president that's pushing us forward into helping to cure cancer and better more, providing us with the same healthcare these celebs have. Progress is a good thing.

But, even with the best healthcare, we've lost Bonnie Franklin, and Valerie and Sam could be not too far behind. Even in good health, cancer affects us all, and it's important that we see our doctors if something arises.

Together, we can fight this.

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