Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10.14.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Jeb Bush

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Name: Jeb Bush
Age: 61
Occupation: ex-Florida governor
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: coming to my hometown
Many years ago as I was driving down 44th Street towards Breton in Grand Rapids, I was following an old fart from Florida who had a bumper sticker that read "Jeb!"

I was going straight, but he decided to make a left. It took him an eternity to make his left (and this was when left turns were allowed on Breton) and the asshole made me sit at a fucking red light. It's further proof that some old farts from the Sunshine State oughta stay there.

And that includes Jeb himself.

Yesterday, the ex-Florida governor, also the son of ex-president George H.W. Bush and the brother to George W. Bush visited our city to help promote the local Republicans running for office, including Congressman Justin Amash and Terri Lynn Land, who is running for Senator. What a wonderful way to promote a candidate: to have the brother of two of the worst living presidents of the last 30 years to come to town and busk for two idiots who shouldn't hold office, period.

There's rumors that Jeb might be a contender for president in 2016, but can we afford another Bush in the White House? H.W. lied about taxes and W. lied about, well, everything and left over 7,000 innocent Americans to die because of oil and defending people who quite frankly don't give two rat's asses about America. Hell, love her or hate her, I would rather have Hillary as my president over Jeb any day!

But that's what happens when you have rich assholes like the DeVoses running our town. It's also a good reason why I avoided ArtPrize as usual. The Repukes come to our town not caring about the fact that if you drive on 28th Street, you're going to see many panhandlers begging for change. Gee, maybe if we held outsourcers more accountable, our town would still have a GM plant and Steelcase would be running like gangbusters. But thanks, W.! Sorry, Mayor Heartwell, but I still consider Grand Rapids a dying city. A town where jobs are too far and in between and we have 30-somethings living with their folks because there's no jobs. Same goes with those with college degrees, who work at Mickey D's or greet visitors at Walmart.

Jeb's visit to Grand Rapids is one gigantic reason why I can't wait til Election Day. I want this country and my city to thrive, and it's not gonna happen with Repukes in charge. Jeb Bush only motivates me to vote Democrat because his entire family is corrupt. W. shouldn't be dunked with water by his wife, he should be dunked in a toilet by his prison boyfriend for the corruption he's led this country into. We cannot afford one second more of Bush BS. It's time to show the Repukes who's boss.

Maybe God sent hurricanes to Florida as punishment for people voting Jeb, not because of Gay Days at Disneyworld.


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