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10.27.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Del Reynolds

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Name: Del Reynolds
Age: 57
Occupation: radio station owner
Last Seen: Cheboygan, MI
Bee-otched For: proving that killing rock on 95.5 in Traverse City was a bad, bad idea

Last week, the almost unthinkable happened on the northern Michigan radio dial.

After 10 years of spinning mostly satellite-fed country music, WLDR Sunny Country 101.9 flipped to adult contemporary as 101.9 The Bay last week. Station general manager Dave Barr claims that the reason for the flip was due to not enough businesses and offices playing the station. The station, which turns 50 years old in 2016 has spent nearly 80% of its life as an AC station. Previously, it was known as "Stereo 102", "Easy 102" and "Sunny 102".

Since the change to AC, the response to the flip has been mixed as usual with most radio station flips. Their Facebook page now has over 165 likes in just a few days.

True, the old Sunny Country had over 3,700 likes, but what's even more laughable was that before the flip, Traverse City's other local AC station, Easy 95-5 is up to a whopping 152 likes and that station's been around since April Fools Day of last year.

What's even more funny is that WLDR doesn't even have a new website up yet for 101.9 The Bay whereas Easy 95-5 has one, adorned with pictures of Celine Dion, Michael Buble and Alicia Keys.

The Nielsen ratings for northern Michigan radio haven't been released publicly in over two years, so it's hard to tell how well listeners are reacting to Easy 95-5. But, the station it replaced, Real Rock 105 and 95-5 combined was Del Reynolds's most-popular station. Now, it's simply Rock 105, whose stick is in eastern Charlevoix County and has a signal that only eyelash kisses Traverse City and is nonexistent south of town. Plus, a barely-legal religious translator station at 104.9 is interfering with 105.1's signal. So, if you're south of Rock 105's listening area, you're limited to three other rock stations, all overdosing on 1970's white trash rock.

Folks, this is why so many times, the big broadcasters in northern Michigan can be almost just as bad as corporate companies such as iHeartMedia and Cumulus. It sucks that the only radio station in northern Michigan that gives two shits about the male 18-49 demo is aborted for a piece of shit boring ass AC station that only reaches the area's 1%. What's even more funny is that a lot of area luxury car dealerships advertise on the station. If somebody came into my shop wanting me to buy time on their station, I'd ask them to prove that the station has listeners. Otherwise, I'd show them the door.

But if you're a new rock fan in northern Michigan, I think there's hope. WOUF 99.3 currently has a construction permit to move closer to Traverse City. But, rumor has it that Sunny Country will return to that frequency instead. There's also sister station 92.3 in Frankfort, currently relaying 101.9's signal. It's also worth mentioning that WLDR's programming director, Dave Doran was a former DJ at WRIF in Detroit.

There's a glimmer of hope somewhere.... 


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