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10.21.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Greg MacMaster

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Name: Greg MacMaster
Age: 52
Occupation: soon-to-be-ex politician
Last Seen: Kewadin, MI
Bee-otched For: proving that he should have remained a weatherman

There's a lesson for all Republicans out there: if you're already good at something, for the love of God, stick to it.

Vince McMahon's a great example; he's made a fortune from wrestling. But bodybuilding, football and even his wife running for senator twice proved that he's great at wrestling and nothing but.

The same goes for Greg MacMaster. For many years, he was a popular TV weatherman at local NBC affiliate WPBN 7&4 in Traverse City. But, he stepped down from that role in the mid-90's to manage a failed laser tag business at the Grand Traverse Mall. But a few years ago, MacMaster stepped away from the green screen again to move into the world of Michigan politics.

In 2010, he was elected to represent District 105 in the Michigan House. He went from making around $400 per week doing the nighttime weather forecasts at 7&4 to making $72,000 per year as a Congressman (trust me, he told my class how much he made when I was in high school when he was talking to me and my classmates about his job). As a state rep, MacMaster helped to make Michigan a Right to Work state and even opposed the Detroit bailout that saved the jobs for thousands of autoworkers. Even more, when he was running for state senator recently, MacMaster made headlines when his estranged mother announced that she would be voting for his opponent.

Well, MacMasturbator (as I liked to call him as a teen) lost in the primary, so he was out of a job. But, his unemployment didn't last long.

Effective yesterday, MacMaster is now the new morning man at fledgling Tea Party talker WYPV 94.5 "We're Your Patriot Voice" in Mackinaw City, a station that doesn't even have a signal - if any at all - in his hometown of Kewadin, a suburb of Elk Rapids that's about 20 or so miles from Traverse City. MacMaster broadcasts from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and claims that his show will be informative and fun. Considering that WYPV has little listenership but has local talkers, this will end pretty nice in my opinion *coughSARCASMcough*.

Oh, did I mention that WYPV is asking for donations on their website? Yes, a for-profit talk station begging to stay alive. After all, I'll betcha that their ratings suck, plus the fact that WYPV has the sixth-lowest amount of Facebook likes on their profile page next to fellow Straits Area Tea-talkers WJML 1110/1210 and WMKT 1270. They also used to be on 93.9 in the Gaylord/Grayling area, but sold that off probably due to financial problems. IMHO, I think MacMaster will make even less money in his radio gig than his weatherman gig at 7&4.

It's further proof that if you're a Republican, do one thing and one thing only, or else you'll be stuck doing talk radio on a station with maybe a few dozen listeners. If worse comes to worse, Greg should be singing "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?" on the air.

May a tornado down WYPV's transmitter.


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