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10.2.14 Bee-otch of the Day: jaywalkers

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---Looks like some people never watched Sesame Street when they were little.

One of the things that the show taught us youngsters was that you should NEVER cross the street unless you're walking in a crosswalk. You know, those things over by the intersections that cars stop at to allow pedestrians to cross the street safely?

However, some people just don't know the concept of a crosswalk.

Last week, I worked a 12-hour day and while I was driving around the corner from my shop, a black man, looking down and listening to headphones was jaywalking. I slammed on the brakes, hit the horn and swerved to prevent myself from hitting the asshole.

And even worse, this is NOT the first time I was thisclose from hitting a pedestrian. SEVERAL times in the past few years, my car was close to hitting dumbasses too lazy to use a crosswalk to cross the street. These people were damn lucky that I didn't kill them by vehicular homicide. If I did, it would have been bad for both me and them.

One reason why I brought up this was because a 15-year-old boy in Holland was going to Meijer to pick up flowers and chocolate for his girlfriend when a woman struck and killed him. Some people believed that he was jaywalking and the woman who hit him did not see him. Now, police are wondering if this was a hit and run. Personally, this shit would never happened if people were smart enough to use the crosswalk and only walk across the street when the word "walk" is illuminated.

So, people, learn what a crosswalk is, OK? It's simple. If you're too lazy to use one, you shouldn't be out on the streets, period. 


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