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10.20.14 Bee-otch of the Day: an ex-Facebook friend of mine

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Name: anonymous
Age: c. 24
Occupation: at last check, an employee at Victoria's Secret
Last Seen: Traverse City, MI
Bee-otched For: doing a no-no on Facebook

---Last week, I reported on the closing of the Grand Traverse Mall in Traverse City due to an overnight employee suffering a heart attack and dying in the food court. Not only did it made state headlines, it also led Facebook's Trending Topics as well.

The mall's closure left many without a day's work, since they're hourly and part-time. With northern Michigan notoriously having a blurred line between the wealthy and lower class, it was a huge kick in the ass for those trying to make it in the Cherry Capital.

But, there was a silver lining in all this: one of those who *probably* was forced to stay home that day was a woman who used to be one of my Facebook friends. A woman who's my cousin's half-sister and an employee of the mall's Victoria's Secret. And yes, I won't reveal her name because she'll get Jaded if she learns about what nasty message she wrote on her Facebook account.

You see, I've always had a slight hatred towards her side of the family. When I was growing up in northern Michigan, all my cousins lived in the Detroit area. They had everything I never had growing up north. However, that changed in 1988 when my uncle - living with my grandparents at the time - knocked up a local woman and six months after he was born, we learned that I had a cousin. My cousin's mother was a dumb trailer trash ho; supposedly, she either never graduated or barely graduated high school because she always had shitty jobs. She even raised her son and his half-sister in a shitty, run-down trailer in Rapid City, a white trash pit near Traverse City.

Well, this trailer ho hooked up with another man and had their daughter not too long after my cousin was born. Thankfully, she only had two kids. Halleluiah. Too many times as a teen, I would go to my grandparents and both would be there, yelling and screaming and flat-out annoying the shit out of me. Even worse, my father would scream at me to "play with my cousins" even though one wasn't.

In the late 90's, my grandparents moved to Florida and lost contact with my northern Michigan cousin and his sister. Thank God. But, that didn't matter since he and her were more-attached to their mother as-is. She did marry a man and they finally had a decent house to live in. I did reconnect to my cousin several years ago when I was up north with one of my other cousins, but sadly, that relationship ended because he married a bitch from Trinidad who ended up cheating on him. She ended up being my Bee-otch of the Day some time ago.

But as for my cousin's half-sister, we reconnected during his weird-ass wedding in 2010 and became friends on Facebook. She used a fake name because she wants nothing to do with her biological father. You see, when she was a little girl, her father chased her mother around in the family trailer with a shotgun, threatening to kill her. I guess he ended up going to jail, but ended up seeking psychiatric care instead. He's a free man, but she wants nothing to do with him.

The sad thing is that she never really had a real father figure in her life, and it showed some time ago on Facebook. She posted some link on her personal page regarding President Obama giving some special treatment to the Chinese and responded with the words "why don't they assassinate this jerk already?" Personally, I should give myself the BOTD for not dumping her ass on Facebook or even giving her the BOTD sooner. But, sometimes, my mind's a little slow, especially regarding people who are family members but not really family to me.

I checked Facebook to see if she's still on there, and I guess she's not, or she's personally blocking me. Who knows? All I know is that I'm not shedding a tear. YOU NEVER USE THE INTERNET TO THREATEN THE LIFE OF OUR PRESIDENT, PERIOD. Don't like him? Get your ass to the polls on Election Day and vote him and fellow Democrats out. Otherwise, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU USELESS CUNT. When Bush was president, I voted Democrat but he still won two terms. During the end of his second term, people were losing their businesses and homes. Did I use this site to tell people to kill Bush? NO! I simply said, "don't blame me, I never voted for the guy."

The point is, she's damn lucky that she's not in jail right now. Threatening to kill the President of the United States IS NOT PROTECTED FREE SPEECH. It's because of shit like that, that I try to avoid having to do anything with my cousin or his mother's side of the family. He personally disgraced his own father by marrying this bitch who cheated on him and his sister tells people to kill Obama over shit that all started with Reagan and his tax cuts to the wealthy in the 80's. I hope that people will get their asses to the polls in a few weeks to vote Democrat so Obama can continue to fix the mess Reagan and his wealthy buddies all started.

If you live in Traverse City, maybe you should avoid Victoria's Secret at all costs. Is Ravissant still around? They're local. I just don't like it when people support a place that promotes Anti-American activities, like wanting to kill the president.

It doesn't take a Tall man to make an idiotic mistake.


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