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10.16.14 Bee-otch of the Day: The Republican Party

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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 160
Occupation: destroyers of the middle class
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: causing a mall to close down
On Tuesday, my birthplace of Traverse City, MI made headlines and even made it to the top of Facebook's trending topics section. But, not for a reason it wants to be known for.

It was because a dead body was found inside Grand Traverse Mall that morning. Police ordered the mall to remain closed that day - save for the department stores that had outside entrances - as it treated the incident as if it were a crime scene.

Turned out that the man, 64-year-old Rick Billings was an overnight housekeeper for the mall and he died of a heart attack in the food court. A mall walker found him Tuesday morning at 8:30, an hour and a half before the mall itself opened. An autopsy will be performed on Mr. Billings here in Grand Rapids.

Of course, our thoughts and condolences are with Billings' family and close friends. 64 years old is young and Billings should have been readied for retirement. Question is, why was a man who should have been either retired or thinking retirement working overnights mopping floors at northern Michigan's largest shopping mall?

It kinda reminds me of fellow northern Michigander Michael Moore's Sicko where he features a man in his 70's who was mopping floors at a supermarket all because he otherwise couldn't afford his medication. Then again, that's life for many in their 60's and over: they just can't retire because they don't have the money.

Recently, my 62-year-old father retired. He flat-out got burned out from his job. Since retirement, there have been some personal items of his - like his lawn mower - that broke down. Even worse, his year-old cat was diagnosed with leukemia and died last Sunday. Sadly, he didn't save much towards his retirement and is counting on relatives to die and what he has in his 401(K) to help him out. Otherwise, he might have to find a part-time job to pay the bills. Because of all this, I won't be traveling to his house for Thanksgiving this year and he didn't come up to Michigan simply because he doesn't have the money.

You see, for 30 years, the Republicans have done their damndest to make sure that hard-working Americans would be driven to slavery. And it's working, especially here in Michigan where Governor Snyder balanced the budget by taxing the shit out of seniors. I'll betcha that because of the Nerd, our seniors are now having to push brooms just to make ends meet. I would imagine that in the overnight hours, there's hardly many other people at the Grand Traverse Mall, save for stockers and other janitorial staff. Now, because of Rick Billings, the mall lost a lot of business and their workers - many of whom work from paycheck to paycheck - were docked a day's pay all because of a dead guy in the food court.

This is why I vote in every election. I'm tired of seeing people in this state in country getting fucked over by Republicans and their rich buddies just because they don't believe in a middle class. Either you're high on the hog or you're a slave to the system/poor on your ass. Maybe if we all vote Democrat in November, we won't have any more janitors having heart attacks in the food court early in the morning.

And maybe people in Traverse City wouldn't have to be without The Gap or Hot Topic for a day.


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