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10.22.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

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Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 56
Occupation: soon-to-be-ex governor
Last Seen: Lansing, MI
Bee-otched For: turning the lights off on Tesla

Once again, the Stuffed Turd known as Rick Snyder has shown that he could care less about a car that's better for the environment than one that creates a hole in the ozone.

Our hopefully-soon-to-be-ex-governor signed a bill into law yesterday banning direct car sales in the state of Michigan. The bill is targeted at companies like Tesla, which makes electric cars. The only way to buy a Tesla is on their website, which custom makes their cars and then ships them out to you. According to Snyder, the bill, unanimously passed by both the Michigan House and Senate - all Republican-led - actually pertains to how car dealerships charge customers. He also claimed that selling cars from manufacturer to person is already illegal here in Michigan and had nothing to do with Tesla's ban in Michigan.

Todd Maron, Tesla's general counsel claims that Snyder's bill further bans the company from not only selling their cars in Michigan, but also prohibits displaying them or even having their salespeople in this state promoting them. So in other words, if Tesla wants to sell their cars in this state, they gotta change their business model and get some dealerships ready to sell.

Personally, I like Tesla's idea of selling cars online. I've dealt with dealerships and they can be very shady selling a car that's worth, say, $15,000 and them selling it to you for $20,000. Yes, there's the part about haggling, but the point is to sell a car and make a profit. Then, there's the BS about service, like parts and labor and oil changes and etc., etc., etc. Electric cars don't use oil or gas and they're much better for the environment. Of course, good 'ol Rick wants to raise gas taxes, furthering the working poor down the hole to bankruptcy.

What's even more sad is that some polls have Snyder beating Mark Schauer by seven points. BULLSHIT. I think it's time that our CEO ass-kissing, senior tax-raising asshole governor gets thrown out into the street and have a real governor who will create jobs and strengthen the middle class. The Nerd must go.

May Tesla create a car that will run Snyder into the pavement.


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