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10.23.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Dave Ramsey

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Name: Dave Ramsey
Age: 54
Occupation: radio talk show host and author
Last Seen: Nashville, TN
Bee-otched For: dissing Jesus

I love it how Christians tell us to obey The Bible, but some of them can't do it themselves.

On Tuesday's The 700 Club, financial guru Dave Ramsey came on via satellite to promote his new book The Legacy Journey. He told show host Pat Robertson that many liberal Christians often quote Matthew 19:24 (it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to Heaven), but he believes that kind of teaching is pure heresy and that "God owns it all" and that "we're managing his money". He also claims that The Bible is not consistent and that there are verses that support wealth.

This coming from a TV show whose host is rumored to be mega wealthy and STILL begs poor people to give him money.

Now, don't get me wrong. Dave can be a good man when it comes to teaching us about money. I do like his "baby steps" to getting out of debt; if you have debt, the best way to eliminate it is to save $1,000 into a savings account while paying the minimum balance of the debt you owe every month. After that, you see which bill you owe most on, and you pay the most money on that. However, some of his tactics work only if you've got a job that pays the bills.

You see, I've worked for the same company since 2002. My boss for the first 10 1/2 years was, well, an asshole Hollander. I only got one raise from him, and it was a year and a half after I started working there. For almost a decade, I struggled. I looked for other jobs, but nobody seemed to want me. Even worse, in 2012, I went from second to first shift and my pay was cut to a rate lower than when I first started.

Several years ago, my boss showed us all a Dave Ramsey video, teaching us how to save our money. Yes, saving my money, even though I was living paycheck to paycheck while Dutch Boy was going on two-week vacations to Alaska and Hawaii. He even brought over the local bank to teach us money-saving techniques. All this because with him, a raise was a pipe dream.

Well, guess what? He retired on New Years Eve 2012. Since then, I've gotten some hefty raises and my life is getting back in order. My bills are getting paid off and I'm breathing a little easier. You see, THAT'S HOW YOU GET OUT OF DEBT. YOU GET A BOSS WHO FUCKING PAYS HIS EMPLOYEES A LIVABLE WAGE, GODDAMMIT!

It's people like Pat Robertson and Dave Ramsey that make me hate KKKhristians a lot more. They believe in a God that doesn't care about hard-working people like you and me and only care about wealthy pricks like themselves. Honestly, if I was wealthy, of course I would help people! That's what Jesus wanted, right? Doesn't The Bible preach that "debt is slavery?" Well, I became a slave thanks to my CHRISTIAN ex-boss's lack of caring for his employees.

There's a reason for debt, and it's when people get paid less than what they're paid. That's what caused the economic collapse, folks: employers paying their people less money while they use their extra money for shit like houses and vacations. I don't want to go back. Thanks to people like Obama, we're returning back to glory, though the ride has been bumpy and turbulent. Dave Ramsey's BS will help to an extent, but bear in mind that if you're a Christian and you're wealthy, ya gotta walk like Jesus and help others.

And paying people to take you to California on an aircraft carrier from Hawaii doesn't count. 


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