Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10.29.14 Bee-otch of the Day: AT&T

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Name: American Telephone and Telegraph
Age: 129
Occupation: big ass phone company
Last Seen: Dallas, TX
Bee-otched For: fucking over their subscribers

---Up until around this time last year, I was a subscriber to T-Mobile.

However, I found out the hard way several times that the words "T-Mobile" and "4G" don't go together very well. First of all, I tried to use T-Mobile as my main ISP by wi-fi-ing my phone to my laptop. However, they clocked me out, so I tried changing my plan and 2) when I did, they royally overcharged me for going over my limit. Also, I went up to northern Michigan with my phone and sadly, T-Mobile doesn't serve northern Michigan. So, they changed me over to AT&T, which had 2G service which sucked ass royally.

So, I joined a new phone company: Credo. Unlike most of the four big carriers - AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon - Credo is a non-profit that donates to many progressive and liberal-leaning causes that promote everything from woman's rights to environmental causes. Since Credo uses the Sprint Network, their service is available virtually anywhere.

But now, there's a good reason to go to Credo: AT&T is fucking over their customers. ROYALLY.

The Federal Trade Commission is suing the telephone giant after it was revealed that they have been allegedly throttling speeds for their highest data users even though they promise unlimited data. However, AT&T is denying all this. The FTC is claiming that AT&T throttled some 3.5 million subscribers 25 million times.

Oh, did I mention that AT&T are heavy supporters of the Republican Party, even donating the maximum to George W. Bush's campaigns? That's right! When you pay a bill to AT&T, you're supporting a company that helped a man kill 7,000 innocent Americans - on 9/11 and with his fake wars - all for oil. This is why I support Credo, a company that actually gives a damn about the middle class. Plus, the Sprint network is improving, so more and more Americans will have access to Credo. With the exception of some dead spots, I approve of Credo.

Thanks, AT&T, but if I want the internet, I want the internet. 


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