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2.11.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Jones

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Name: Rick Jones
Age: 63
Occupation: state senator
Last Seen: Lansing
Bee-otched For: being a boner killer


Something tells me that this prick is a total deviant.

Yesterday, we talked about the idiotic bill that is going around in the state House that would ban sodomy as part of another series of bills that would protect animals from abusers. However, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling 13 years ago, surprise, surprise, sodomy is totally legal, whether lawmakers like it or not.

Now, that same assclown prick senator who created this unconstitutional law is at it again. This time, he wants to ban alcohol from full-nude strip clubs.

Term limited Grand Ledge senator Rick Jones has drafted that very bill, claiming that dancers in full-nude bars that serve alcohol are in greater danger than those that don't. He believes that his bill - passed Wednesday by the Republican-led senate - would protect Michigan's tourism industry.

Ten Democrats voted against the bill, which will now be in the hands of the state House.

The bill came to be because a few years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the Michigan Liquor Control Commission had no say as to why they forced strip clubs that did serve alcohol to be topless only. When the high Court asked the MLCC about the decades-old law, they had no real answer. Since the SC's decision, several strip clubs here in Michigan now serve booze and still have full nude dancing. Before the law was scrapped, some clubs operated as 2-in-1s, like the now-defunct Showgirl Galleria in Grand Rapids which had full nudity/no alcohol on one side of the building and topless-only and alcohol on the other.

Sadly, despite the Supreme Court defending strip clubs' decisions to serve booze or not, this doesn't help the fact that it's been ten long years since the strip club laws here in Grand Rapids were passed, banning nudity altogether. It's sad that my once-prudish hometown of Traverse City has no problem with Fantasy's, but then again, TC has no billionaires or outrageous Jebusfreaks overrunning the townI've heard good things about mayor Jim Carruthers vs. our bitch ass ho mayor Rosalynn Bliss, who actually helped to get our city's strip club ban passed.

Look, folks, this is the Republican Party: they care about the peanuts while the elephants walk by. People like Rick Jones care more about you tasting a woman's twat and chugging down a Budweiser while a girl sits on your face while there's thousands of people in Flint who can't drink water. This is a pure outrage. If our state keeps electing these pricks, more shit will happen and we ALL pay the price. Hell, look at Canada: they've had full-nudity and booze at their clubs for years and that country is SAFER than America!

America: the Land of the Free, but only if you vote Democrat.


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