Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2.23.16 Bee-otch of the Day: WZZM-TV

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Name: WZZM 13
Age: 54
Occupation: Grand Rapids ABC affiliate
Last Seen: Walker, MI
Bee-otched For: falling asleep at the switch... again

When Rome was burning, Nero played his fiddle and WZZM was airing regular programming while their competition was on the story like white on rice.

Sadly, that's what happened on Saturday night when the news broke regarding the shooting deaths of six innocent people in Kalamazoo. WWMT-3 was definitely on the ball (especially since their studios are in K'zoo), WOOD-TV 8 did well, too with their wall-to-wall coverage and even WXMI Fox 17 did several cut-ins telling people about the shootings. On Sunday morning, WOOD even pre-empted Today to bring coverage of the massacre.

WZZM-13? Well, they thought that airing repeats of The Closer were good enough.

It's pathetic that this is the worst tragedy to hit our area in quite some time. Hell, it was the top story on the NBC Nightly News last night. But on Saturday night, WZZM-13 proved to west Michigan that once again, they're as useless as tits on a bull. What do you expect from a TV station that actually told its viewers that Michigan beat MSU during that important football game last year? Sad.

Look: I understand that WZZM's presence in Kalamazoo ain't much. After all, FCC regs prevented them from having their transmitter in the same area as WOOD and WWMT's, mid-way between Grand Rapids and K'zoo. But since there's probably a lot of folks in GR that know people in K'zoo, maybe they wanted to know what was going on there. Only long after the other stations in the area started their coverage did WZZM start theirs.

This is why I never watch WZZM for news: too many inaccuracies and for a station owned by a big corporation like Gannett TEGNA, they seem so bush-league. Hell, both the big news stations up north - 7&4 and 9&10 - do a better job with the news than WZZM!

Look, WZZM needs a TON of work. If important news breaks, they need to report it. RIGHT. I'll betcha that if a 13-poiint earthquake hit Grand Rapids, they would be airing some Byron Allen shit instead. They need to stop ripping off WOOD and become the successful news station they were ages ago. But now, they're unwatchable and I think the ratings show. 
They're too cutesy and Juliet Dragos scares me.

BTW, if I do watch WZZM-13 news, it's because I slept through Judge Judy.


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