Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2.16.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Alex Jones

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Name: Alex Jones
Age: 42
Occupation: Chicken Little
Last Seen: Austin, TX
Bee-otched For: claiming that Obama killed Scalia 


Nothing like 24 hours a day of old angry white men who all beat the same drum, and that drum has that same beat over and over: O-BA-MA SUCKS! O-BA-MA SUCKS!

Of course, one of those guys is none other than conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his waste of electricity known as Infowars.com and daily radio show. Thankfully, no radio station here in Grand Rapids carries his dreck, but he has two affiliates here in Michigan: WAAM 1600 in liberal Ann Arbor (owned by the controversial Thayronethe ex-local WUOM host who was canned from Michigan Radio for not airing an NPR news update during his show because of his support for the Iraq War in the 2000s) and WMKT 1270 in Charlevoix, Jones' third affiliate in the northern Michigan market after being canned from 94.5 WYPV and 1110 WJML.

Well, on Valentine's Day, Jones claimed on Facebook that he believed that Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia was murdered at the Texas ranch where he was on a hunting trip. According toJones, Scalia's drink was poisoned by "bad actors" appointed by Obama and when he went to bed, he never woke up. His body was discovered in his suite the next day. Chicken Little later claimed that he thinks that other conservatives like Donald Trump or Clarence Thomas are next.

Last week, Jones even compared Bernie Sanders supporters to Nazis and even told them that they should have their jaws broken. This coming from a douchebag whose fanbase included one of the Boston bombers whom many claim got his ideas for dropping the backpack bombs that killed six people from listening to countless hours of Jones' show. I even had a cousin who loved his show until Jones claimed that the tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma a few years ago where created by government-funded tornado machines.

Maybe I should start a show like Jones. Maybe I'll crack the mic and say that, oh, Bernie Sanders' parents were good pals of Hitler's, or maybe that Hillary Clinton personally knows the Antichrist. Yeah, I know that a radio distributor will be reading this and in a few weeks time, I'll have a radio contract so big that I can quit my day job.

Remember folks, Antonin Scalia was 79 and fat. No wonder why he croaked. 

You know, I feel bad for anybody who listens to this crap. Then again, I'm happy to say that most of Jones' affiliates are second and third-tier talkers. In the case of WMKT and WAAM, neither station has ratings, which doesn't surprise me.

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